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Suns Out, Games Out

In today’s 60 Second Drop, we take a look at the latest card game esports trend, Gwent. Former G2 Esport Hearthstone player Lifecoach managed to secure $60,000 by winning the first ever Gwent Challenger Tournament. The Witcher 3 in-game card game seems to have developed it’s very own esports scene!

Bad news for your wallets, as leaks on Reddit have indicated that the Steam Summer sale is set to begin on 22 June. We have no idea which games will be on sale, but it’s safe to say you may want to start adding to your wishlist, so you’ll be the first to know when that game you’ve had your eyes on drops to up to 90% off.

Across the channel, France has passed regulations regarding esports for the first time. French organizations will no longer be able to offer contracts under 12 months, or over 5 years in length. The regulation also states that under 12’s will not be allowed to compete for money.

And finally, Team EnvyUs have once again defeated Optic Gaming in the Halo Championship Series. EnvyUs managed to secure two 4-3 victories in the grand final, with commentators saying that it was some of the best competitive Halo they have ever seen.

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