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In today’s 60 Second Drop, we take a look at Absolver, the indie RPG game that has just announced it’s release date. On 29 August, the game will finally release on PS4 and PC. Absolver was teased last year at E3, and recently released a trailer highlighting it’s melee combat, check it out!

In Counter-Strike, ELEAGUE have announced a ‘Clash for Cash’. A $250,000 winner-takes-all contest between ELEAGUE major finalists Astralis and Virtus Pro. The two sides met earlier this year, when Astralis stole victory from the jaws of defeat, capitalizing on a capitulation from Virtus Pro. The rematch takes place in June, before the launch of the third ELEAGUE Counter-Strike season in September.

The Overwatch League has caused quite the controversy recently, with some questioning the lack of information given by Blizzard themselves. However, a report from Richard Lewis states that the New England Patriots and the Miami Dolphins have already invested into the league, though it isn’t clear if they will keep the same branding, or create a new brand for the esports side of their operations.

Finally, Denial Esports have announced the return of some of their veteran players to compete in Call of Duty. The organization had been out of action since 2015, but will once again be competing in perhaps the largest console esports scene. Marcus “MiRx” Carter, Jay “Prophet” Nicoletti, Eric “Twizz” Servello, and Mike “Blfire” Glushenok will represent the organization.

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