Overwatch Competitive Play Now Live

Just a quick update for all your Overwatch fans out there, the new Competitive Mode has now been added to the game so you’ll be able to get stuck in with games that matter now.

Blizzard claims the mode is a more “serious” mode than the Quick Play or Weekly Brawl, since you’ll be ranked based on your performances in a match as well as the skill of other players.

Your skill rating will be numbered between 1 and 100, and you’ll be able to see the skill ratings of every other player at the start of the match – so you’ll at least get an idea of what you’re up against.

You’ll first need to take part in 10 placement matches before your rank is generated, and the mode is locked until level 25 to ensure everyone has a decent understanding of how the game is played.

Competitive Play is live now, with the first season – Summer 2016 – ready to take part in. Each season will last two and a half months with a two week off season period, after which all the stats are reset and 10 more placement matches will need to be played.

You’ll be able to earn rewards for playing in Competitive Mode, with a special spray and player icon being unlocked for all players who complete their 10 placement matches for every season.

In addition to this you can also earn Competitive Points as you play, as well as earning a bonus amount of points based on your ranking at the end of the season. These can be used to unlocked golden weapon skins for each hero.

And lastly, Blizzard added that a leaderboard will be activated at some point throughout each season to highlight the top 500 players on your platform.

This is an important aspect of an eSport game, since the players want to also feel like that can compete towards something – so it’s a positive sign for Overwatch as an eSport.

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