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Videogame Nation | Pulp Review

Check out a recent review from Pulp on Video Gamenation. A solid 8.5/10. Here is a taster from the article:

“Overall, Videogame Nation 2.0 is an improvement so radical, I wouldn’t have thought it possible had I not seen it with my own eyes. It’s now one of those rare Saturday morning TV shows ostensibly aimed at young people, but with enough knowing nods and winks to make compulsive viewing for adults. It’s a credit to Ginx that rather than casting off VGN as a failure, they took the time to examine what worked and why, listened to feedback from fans and gave their all to make something special. I hope that all those put off by the initial misstep will return in droves and bring all their friends, because that’s what this impressive overhaul deserves.”


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