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Magic: The Gathering: Masters 25 Exclusive Reveal

With a cult-like following of over 20 million players, it’s safe to say that Magic the Gathering has earned its reputation as the most popular card game in the world. After all, there’s a reason they call it ‘cardboard crack’. Here at GINX Esports TV, we’re pretty huge fans, so I couldn’t be more excited that Wizards of the Coast have asked us to reveal a brand new card from Masters 25, the special set celebrating 25 years of M:TG. The new set features some of the community’s favourite cards from every vintage-legal Magic set that introduced original cards, and calls itself “a journey through the history of the world’s first trading card game”.

Our preview is the legendary card Pact of Negation, first printed in the 2007 Future Sign expansion.

Pact of Negation

A zero cost instant counter, the card is pretty much the epitome of blue play, and it was initially considered one of the strongest non-restricted, non-banned cards ever printed. Obviously, it’s no surprise that the card divides opinion in the community. If, like me, you’re a red player, Pact of Negation is the card that’ll put the brakes on your escalating aggression. However, if you’ve chosen the dark side and play blue, this is the card that’ll give you the reprieve you need to plot your winning move – or pray to the card gods.

Part of a five card cycle of Pacts, Pact of Negation has also made it to the heady heights of pro play, featuring in Samuele Estratti’s Splinter Twin combo deck, which won the 2011 Pro Tour Philadelphia, and Justin Cohen’s Amulet Bloom combo deck, which took the top spot at Pro Tour Fate Reforged in 2015. Of course, it isn’t a coincidence that both were combo decks – Pact of Negation is frequently included in these fast paced decks to make sure a game-winning spell lands safely, no matter what the opponent pulls out.

The full Masters 25 set will be revealed on Friday and goes on sale on March 16.

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