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Is Midnight Ghost Hunt set to be the next big party game?

Developer Vaulted Sky Games has unveiled multiplayer ghost-busting game Midnight Ghost Hunt at E3, and alpha testing is rumoured to be starting up soon.

Midnight Ghost Hunt puts two teams against each other within a grand, scary old house, typical of a ghostly horror film. One side are the hunters, armed with paranormal weaponry, including trackers and cannons, that are used to take down basement-dwelling poltergeists and peevish ghouls.

Of course, we don’t get a whole lot from the trailer, most of all the dynamic of how this exactly will work. Is this something you can just pick up with a group of friends and play? Could it even be played as a party game? If not, I feel like they’ve missed a trick.

Essentially, though, it could play like one big game of Hide and Seek. Very similar to how Prop Hunt works in Call of Duty, if the Ghost team can simply hide inside of normal, everyday objects, whilst the Hunters hunt them down, it could be a great game to play casually with some friends.

As described on the Midnight Ghost Hunt website, this is roughly how the game works:

“Play as either Ghosts or Ghost Hunters against other players.

The Ghosts hide inside inconspicuous furniture and hurl themselves at invading Hunters.

The Hunters must find and destroy all of the Ghosts before the clock strikes MIDNIGHT.

At MIDNIGHT, all dead Ghosts return as vengeful spirits!

The tables turn, the Hunters become the Hunted!

They must try to survive the Ghost onslaught until they can escape.”

In fact, I wouldn’t mind seeing how it plays competitively…

Alpha testing is planned for later this Summer, with email sign-up provided through the Midnight Ghost Hunt website.

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