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The First Hour brings Let’s Plays to Esports titles on TV

TV’s hit gaming show The First Hour is back for a new series with a huge Esports twist

24 x 60 minutes

When: Every Thursday, from February 16th at 20:00
Where: GINX eSports TV, available in the UK on Sky Channel 470, Virgin Media channel 290 and worldwide on over 40 cable and satellite platforms as well as*

Hosts Adam Savage and Anthony Richardson are back for a brand new series that will chart their First Hour through a number of Esports and AAA video game titles. The show is bigger than ever and so is their banter!

Ant & Sav find themselves thrown in at the deep end as they embark on an mission to conquer in the ultra-competitive world of Esports. Each week they face a tough new challenge as the show’s producers decide which title the boys will be tackling. Overwatch or Battlefield 1? CS:GO or Heroes of the Storm? League or FIFA? With only occasional help from a few Esports friends in high places, it’s down to them to get the measure of the game and walk us through it. Expect fast-paced action, epic adventure and spectacular failures, all from their brand new gamer cave and battle station!

The First Hour is a GINX eSports TV Original Production and distributed internationally in over 40 territories.

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