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We’ve been hacking and slashing through Atlus’ side-scrolling RPG Dragon’s Crown, getting our swords and sorcery fix from its chaotic battles as we build our team. As we busily micro manage our party of tough adventurers, we’re sent to clear out some tricky dungeons, cutting through hordes of orcs and zombies as we fight a path to the inevitable boss encounters. These tend to be seriously difficult, testing your party to their limits and giving you plenty to handle as you chip away at their huge life bars. Let’s take a look at just some of the end of level beasties that have been troubling us.

This hulking minotaur is one of the earlier encounters in the game, and will be a strict test for your entire team. It’s likely that you’ve only just begun to acquire allies at this point, and as your fledgling unit takes on this huge beast, the size of your task hits home. It’s a bruising battle that demands fast and agile attacks, with the monstrous opponent sweeping everything before him with powerful rush attacks and his gigantic weapons.

Bosses don’t always take the form of one large opponent, and as you reach the end of this pirate-themed level, this horde of salty sea dogs jump out at you for a scrap. With waves of the buccaneers pouring out of the scenery to cause trouble, this is a real war of attrition as you dig in and attempt to repel their numbers. It’s a really enjoyable part of the game, a fast-paced and challenging battle that can easily separate your team members. Grabbing hold of a magic lamp and summoning forth this powerful genie makes it all even better.

This wyvern is another fairly early encounter, and one which will provide a real test as you face off against its slightly smaller minions at the same time. With the screen filling up with enemies twice the size of your characters, it’s not an easy encounter, and will take every ounce of your button-bashing skill to get past. Just one of these guys would be a difficult proposition, but as more and more swoop down to join the fray, things get very hot very quickly here.

One of the most interesting boss fights you’ll come across is the culmination of this crawl through a gothic dungeon. As you pick through the cobwebbed halls, saving these village maidens from being eaten by giant spiders, you come across the root of the trouble – this pack of vampires. It becomes a battle on two fronts, as you go on the offensive against the bloodsuckers, while also having to protect your charges. If the nasties get to your newly freed friends they may turn them into creatures of the night too, so keeping an eye on them is essential.

Another encounter where you’ll have to keep your wits about you is with this guy – the Doom Beetle. Spawning gross cocoons as you fight, these will hatch into fresh adversaries if you don’t make short work of them, adding to your troubles as you bash against the monstrous creepy crawly. It’s pretty typical of the bosses in Dragon’s Crown that you can’t just hack away in one direction, and this is just another example of a battle fought on many fronts.

So, for all the waves of enemy troops you’ll be facing in Dragon’s Crown, it’s these climactic encounters that will be giving you the hardest time of all. Bringing a well-rounded party with a wide range of skills and equipment is vital for these moments, which are guaranteed to strain all of your combat abilities. With many more dungeons to explore, these are just a few of the horrific foes you’ll be crossing swords with, so polish that sword, fire up those spells and get ready for the challenging world of Dragon’s Crown.


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