Programming Sales

Programming sales

GINX Esports TV, the world’s leading esports tv network, provides a unique experience on TV, offering an inside perspective on the different esports scenes, both established and those still growing. The channel does not only promote international tournaments and the most successful gamers, it also provides access to local and localized content for a more “grass root” perspective. Already producing more than 700 hours of content per year, the studio understands every aspect of the production line from going live to Video On Demand management. A question about esports? Ask our team!

Channel distribution

Sam Butler, VP of Affiliate Sales

Africa, Middle East, Israel, Turkey, Portugal, CIS, APAC and Oceania

Iza Piotrowska, Director of Affiliate Sales

Nordics, Benelux, GAS, Southern Europe, Central, Baltics and Eastern Europe

Adrian Schmotolocha, Agent

Latin America

Eduardo Caso, Agent

Latin America

Media Alliance, Agent


Business Development

With the growth of competitive gaming internationally, the appetite for an esports TV channel has never been greater. If you are interested in becoming our partner or want to hear more about the millennial profile of our esports audience, please contact us!


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