Planet of the Apps: Convergence

This week Planet of the Apps examines the pros and cons of convergence. With compact cameras, music players and the Filofax all but consigned to the scrap heap, is the inevitable charge to squeeze our entire existence into our smartphone necessarily a good thing?

In this week’s show Adam Savage (@ImAdamSavage) reveals the apps that have replaced the gadgets in his pocket, Rory Reid reveals what he carries in his man-bag, and David McClelland (@DavidMcClelland) shows off the very best quirky camera kit including a 3D filming gizmo for your smartphone and a 3D photocopying factory for your tablet.

Contributors – @GavinInskip – Gavin Inskip (Comedian), @LizFraser1 – Liz Fraser (Parenting Expert), @ErnestDoku – Ernest Doku (Tech Journalist), @Rory79 – Rory Reid (Journalist)