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The League of Legends World Championships will not be coming to London

Riot Games has officially confirmed the three countries that will be hosting matches at the League of Legends World Championships this year, and the UK has surprisingly been left out.

2018 World Championship Finals at the Incheon Munhak Stadium in Incheon, South Korea, on 3 November 2018.

After hosting the finals of the 2015 World Championship in London, much of the UK LoL community were expecting to be involved in proceedings somehow, but it appears that wasn’t in Riot’s plans, as they opted for other major European cities instead.

This year, Germany, Spain and France will be the homes of Worlds. Berlin hosts the play-in stage at the LEC studio from October 2-8 and the group stage at the Verti Music Hall from October 12-20.

For the quarter-finals on October 26-27, and the semi-finals on November 2-3, Madrid’s Palacio Vistalegre will play home to the very best League of Legends teams in the world, before Paris’ HotelAccors Arena hosts the finals on November 10.

UK fans have taken to Twitter to vent their frustrations, with many citing Brexit as the ultimate killer of the dream to have another Worlds in our ends. That said, the venues are incredible and will still have some of the most passionate fans in the world, so it’s unlikely fans will be too disappointed by the time the tournament rolls around.

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