League of Legends

All teams attending League of Legends World Championship

The League of Legends World Championship is fast approaching, and most of the spots have now been filled with the greatest teams in the world. Here, we’ve listed every team attending Worlds this year and will be updating throughout the entire qualification process.

These are the teams attending:


  • Royal Never Give Up
  • FunPlus Phoenix
  • Invictus Gaming


  • SK Telecom T1
  • Griffin


  • G2 Esports
  • Origen/Splyce/Schalke 04/Fnatic

North America

  • Team Liquid
  • Cloud9

Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macao

  • J-Team
  • ahq e-sports club


  • GAM Esports
  • Team Flash


Four teams will qualify for the Group Stage of Worlds through the play-ins. Current play-in teams are:

  • Damwon Gaming (Korea)
  • Fnatic (Europe)
  • Clutch Gaming (North America)
  • Hong Kong Attitude (Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macao)
  • Isurus Gaming (Latin America)
  • MAMMOTH (Oceania)
  • Flamengo Esports (Brazil)
  • Royal Youth (Turkey)
  • Lowkey Esports (Vietnam)
  • Unicorns of Love (CIS)
  • Detonation FocusMe (Japan)
  • MEGA (Southeast Asia)

With a total of 28 teams looking to prove that they are the best team in LoL esports, you can guarantee there’s going to be some interesting matchups throughout October and November.

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