18 May

LOL Mid Season Invitational: A guide to the finals

The League of Legends 2018 Mid-Season Invitational culminates this weekend in Paris, France, with the final four teams competing in a playoff bracket for the top prize. 

Most of the teams competing have been here before. Fnatic placed 3-4th in 2015, Royal Never Give up placed 3-4th in 2016 and Flash Wolves placed 3-4th in both 2016 and 2017. Which makes it all the more daunting for Kingzone DragonX, for whom these finals will be their first.

The prize

The prize pool for the event currently stands at $1,255,128, although this number may increase based on in-game sales of the two promotional skins: Conqueror Varus and the 2018 Conqueror ward skin.

But it’s not only the money that teams are competing for: the top four regions also guarantee themselves a spot in the groups at Worlds, unarguably the premier event in the League of Legends calendar.

The tournament so far

To get to this point, six teams were whittled down to four over the course of a gruelling double round-robin group. Team Liquid and Evos fell short at that stage, so we won’t be seeing them at the finals.

Here are the teams we will see in action:

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If we’re going by past form in the groups, then you have to tip Royal Never Give Up to come out on top against Fnatic. Not only does the Chinese side have an all-round better record than Fnatic in the group stage, they also came out on top both times the teams met.

We see a similar pattern in the other pairing, between Flash Wolves and Kingzone DragonX, with FW winning both group stage encounters.

This being League of Legends, however, you can never rule out an upset. The offline environment often leads to surprises, as we saw in the recent EU Masters finals.


Royal Never Give Up 3-0 Fnatic

Flash Wolves 1-3 Kingzone DragonX

Royal Never Give Up 3-1 KingZone DragonX

How to watch

You can watch the Mid-Season Invitaional on the official Riot games Twitch channel, embedded below.

GINX will also cover the event live, with special editions of the Daily Download to air on each of the tournament’s three days at 5 PM GMT.

You’ll also be able to refresh this page for updated standings, plus make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more behind-the-scenes coverage.


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