Win A Steam Code For Nippon Marathon

This giveaway has now concluded. Congratulations to our Twitter winners:

@Laxxor, @KittyStar_fArts, @lulumooncosplay, @jonoridge and @iamliamwye!

We’ve got five Steam codes to give away for Nippon Marathon, a game so absurd and outlandish that it’s difficult to adequately describe.

Look. I’ll level with you. It’s 5PM on a Friday and I have to write some copy describing exactly what Nippon Marathon is for this giveaway. I am finding this task incredibly hard. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Nippon marathon is a four player running (?) game in which you can play as a huge humanoid dog, an old man dressed as a schoolgirl, a girl dressed as a unicorn or a dude dressed as a lobster. Players need to navigate various obstacles while trying to avoid getting taken out by the other players’ weapons. It’s fast and it’s ridiculous and it’s chaotic and words kind of fail to describe it, honestly.

That’s… that’s all I’ve got. But it’s fun. Really fun. You have to trust me when I say that it’s fun.

Like our tweet (which is also embedded below) to bag yourself a chance to win this absurd game.

And hurry, because the giveaway ends at 23:59 on Sunday 18!

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