Reasons to be Optic-mistic

In today’s 60 Second Drop, Optic Gaming defend their Gears of War 4 title with a victory in the Gears Pro Circuit Paris over the weekend. Optic managed to take the tournament completely undefeated, cementing their spot as the number one Gears of War lineup in the world.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive returns to ELEAGUE for a third season this summer. The tournament organizer, backed by Turner, is currently running a Street Fighter 5 league. North American side Optic Gaming lifted the trophy in season two, however it was Danish superstars Astralis that became world champions at the recent Valve major, run by ELEAGUE.

In politics, South Korean presidential candidate Sim Sang-jung reached out to younger voters by releasing an image of her waving, with Overwatch map King’s Row in the background, in the style of a ‘Play of the Game’. This comes after another candidate recently released a custom made Starcraft map for his campaign. Video games are serious business in South Korea…

Finally, Dreamhack have announced that their bi-annual LAN will include four additional tournaments for different demographics. Including female only, under 18’s, and seniors only tournaments.

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