Blizzard Throws Shade at EA on Twitter

Starcraft’s official Twitter account has fired out a series of savage subtweets at EA.

You might have heard about the recent controversy over Star Wars Battlefront II’s monetisation model. This drama has come about over how, if a player wants to go into battle as some of the Star Wars fracnhise’s most recognisable characters, they must either play an unfeasible amount of hours to unlock the heroes, or buy a ton of the game’s loot boxes with real money.

The drama has been so, well, dramatic, that it generated the most downvoted Reddit comment in history – from an EA employee attempting to defend the game’s monetisation model.

And, clearly, someone at Blizzard noticed:

EA was squarely in Blizzard’s sights when they decided to let rip with these series of subtweets from the official Starcraft account.

The tweets draw attention to the fact that Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty has recently been made free-to-play, and does not feature any kind of microtransactions, or “pay-to-win” content.

Now, Blizzard itself actually has its own comprehensive microtransaction models in Hearthstone, Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm. So it could perhaps be seen as a little rich that they are calling out EA for what, on the face of it, is a pretty similar system.

Regardless, though, these tweets have definitely generated a lot of interest in the free-to-play SC2 relaunch. The game, while initially touted as having huge esports potential, has seen its competitive scene stutter in recent years. Blizzard will hope this re-release could give the game a much-needed boost.

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