Heroes Of The Storm

Overwatch’s Lucio Coming To Heroes Of The Storm


Support hero Lucio is joining Tracer and Zarya as the next Overwatch character to transition from original game to Blizzard’s crossover MOBA Heroes Of The Storm.

As you might expect, Lucio will be a support character in HOTS replete with many of his familiar abilities from Overwatch. In fact they’re largely unchanged, with only his ultimate getting an alternative twist.

Sound Barrier is an option for his Heroic, but in keeping with Heroes Of The Storm there needs to be a second option too. In this case that is Reverse Amp, which allows Lucio’s speed boosting or healing crossfade ability to negatively affect enemy players, either dealing damage or slowing them down.

Here’s a run down of Lucio’s Heroes Of The Storm abilities, ready to get playing with on the Public Test Realm servers.

Passive: Wall Ride

Lucio’s biggest feature in Overwatch will also be present in the top-down arena-based game, too. He’ll be able to wall run across impassible terrain, passing through units and boosting his movement speed alongside any additional bonus speed he has.

Q: Soundwave

Perhaps the most obvious Q ability here, Lucio shoots out a cone of damage, knocking back enemies in the vicinity.

W: Crossfade

The signature ability, Crossfade, also makes an appearance in Heroes Of The Storm. This is a toggle ability, then, switching between one of two large area effects that either apply healing over time to Lucio and his allies or boost their movement speed quite significantly.

E: Amp It Up

As in Overwatch, this ability strengthens whichever Crossfade ability is currently active, bolstering movement speed for three seconds or massively increasing the healing rate for three seconds.

R(1): Sound Barrier

Lucio hops up and slams the ground, giving both Lucio and his nearby teammates a huge protective shield that rapidly decays over six seconds.

R(2): Reverse Amp

Select this Heroic ability gives Lucio a more offensive quality, turning his current Crossfade ability against his enemies by either inflicting damage against them (from the healing boost) or slowing their movement speed in an area of effect. Choosing this ability also increases the length of Amp It Up to four seconds.

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