Heroes Of The Storm

Heroes Of The Storm Nerfs & Buffs Incoming

Blizzard has detailed the next upcoming patch for Heroes Of The Storm, and it’ll be updating a sizeable number of characters from the game’s increasingly large roster.

Primary among these nerfs and buffs is Greymane, Auriel, Sgt Hammer and Tyrael, though eight characters in total will be getting tweaked with this newest Heroes Of The Storm patch.

Here are the changes heading to the game:

Heroes Of The Storm Patch Changes

  • Auriel
    • After recently releasing into Heroes Of The Storm, Auriel is now seeing something of a nerf now that players are getting to grips with her skillset and playstyle. The key change is to reduce the damage of her Sacred Sweep attacks and increase the damage of her basic attacks to enforce the idea of risk that Blizzard wanted those playing this character to feel when utilising these attacks.
      • Basic Attack damage increased from 48 to 60
      • Sacred Sweep (Q)
        Outer damage reduced from 80 to 75
        Inner damage reduced from 160 to 150
      • Resurrect (R)
        Cooldown reduced from 90 to 70 seconds
        Range increased from 4 to 5
      • Increasing Clarity (Q)
        Lowered the quest bonus damage for each stack from 3 to 2
        Increased the number of hits required to complete the quest from 20 to 25
        Quest completion bonus increased from 60 to 70. The total damage bonus will remain at 120
      • Empathic Link (D)
        Energy reduced from 25 to 20% of Bestow Hope target’s damage taken
      • Glimmer of Hope (W)
        Energy reduction from globes increased from 35 to 50%
      • Energized Cord (W)
        Increased Energy gain from Auriel’s Basic Attacks from 100%/30% to 100%/50%
      • Blinding Flash (Q)
        Blind duration reduced from 4 to 3 seconds
      • Diamond Resolve (R)
        Damage resistance duration increased from 4 to 5 seconds
  • Cho
    • Only minor changes here, so nothing too much to worry about.
      • I AM Hurrying! (Z)
        Duration increased from 1.5 to 2 seconds
      • Runic Feedback (E)
        Cooldown reduction increased from 1 to 1.25 seconds
  • Gall
    • Smaller changes coming to Gall in the form of minor buffs, primarily targeting his cooldowns but also a slight buff to the damage dealt by Talent Giant Scorcher.
      • Shove (Active)
        Cooldown reduced from 30 to 20 seconds
      • Double Trouble (Q)
        Cooldown reduction increased from 1 to 1.25 seconds
      • Giant Scorcher (Q)
        Damage increased from 3 to 3.5% of target’s maximum Health
  • Greymane
    • The biggest focus of the change for Greymane was to keep the Worgen in line with what Blizzard had intended for him, which is to say prevent him from such heavy burst damage and – instead – emphasise his basic attack damage. This means reducing the damage of two of his key abilities and significantly empowering Marked For The Kill.
      • Razor Swipe (Q)
        Damage reduced from 159 to 135
      • Go for the Throat (R)
        Damage reduced from 420 to 355
      • Marked for the Kill (R)
        Damage increased from 68 to 190
      • Wolfheart (W)
        Cooldown reduction per attack reduced from 1 to .8 seconds
      • Eyes in the Dark (E)
        Stealth duration reduced from 4 to 3 seconds
      • Incendiary Elixir (Q)
        Increased the damage bonus per quest stack from 10 to 15
        Increased the maximum damage bonus from 150 to 225
      • Unleashed (R)
        Damage bonus per kill increased from 25 to 35%, up to a maximum of 140%
  • Gul’dan
    • The changes to Gul’dan are mostly nerfs to make him a little more viable, with many of his talents being improved to allow a greater variety to how he is played. Blizzard claims his Ruinous Affliction talent route tends to have a higher win rate, and so the alternative options are being buffed to give him a little more flexibility – which is always key to characters in Heroes Of The Storm.
      • Echoed Corruption (E)
        Number of hits required to complete quest increased from 30 to 35
      • Curse of Exhaustion (E)
        Slow duration increased from 2 to 2.5 seconds
      • Fel Armor (Q)
        Ability damage reduction increased from 30 to 40%
      • Rampant Hellfire (Q)
        Damage bonus increased from 6% per stack (30% max) to 8% per stack (40% max)
        Darkness Within (Trait)
        Damage bonus increased from 20 to 25%
  • Sgt. Hammer
    • A fairly significant change here, but one that – according to Blizzard – is not complete. Sgt Hammer will be getting a much more detailed change in the future, it seems, but for now Blizzard wanted to keep the ranged damage dealer in line with other parallels that have since released into the game, meaning options have been removed and altered for the character.
      • Thrusters (Z)
        Thrusters are now always active while in the Altar of Storms
      • Artillery (Trait)
        Now also increases Sgt. Hammer’s Basic Attack range by 20%
      • Lethal Blast (W)
      • Maelstrom Shells (Passive)
      • Hyper-Cooling Engines (Z)
        Cooldown reduction increased from 10 to 15 seconds
        No longer makes Thrusters always active while in the Hall of Storms
  • Stitches
    • Only a couple of changes here to Stiches’ ultimate.
      • Gorge (R)
        Cooldown reduced from 80 to 60 seconds
        Mana cost reduced from 80 to 70
  • Tyrael
    • A number of nerfs here to keep Tyrael from getting out of hand after his previous update, with hits to his most often used and over performing talents, changes to his cooldowns and buffs to his other, less frequently used Talents to give him that extra variety of play.
      • El’druin’s Might (Q)
        Cooldown increased from 11 to 12 seconds
      • Judgment (R)
        Cooldown reduced from 80 to 70 seconds
      • ​Sanctification (R)
        Cooldown increased from 70 to 80 seconds
      • Horadric Reforging (Q)
        Cooldown reduction increased from 3 to 5 seconds
      • Reciprocate (W)
        Damage reduced from 200 to 170
      • Angel’s Grace (Q)
        Movement Speed increased from 30 to 40%
      • Searing Attacks (Active)
      • Follow Through (Passive)
      • Imposing Will (W)
        Fixed bug that was causing the Movement Speed slow to inconsistently stack with all other Movement Speed slows
      • Angelic Absorption (W)
        Increased healing amount from 156 over 3 seconds to 208 over 4 seconds
      • Salvation (W)
        Increased bonus Shields from 35 to 45% per affected ally

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