Heroes Of The Storm

Gen.G win Mid-Season Brawl, but Team Dignitas and Tempo Storm impress

After a week of groups, show matches, and brackets, the Heroes of the Storm HGC Mid-Season Brawl finally came to a close on June 18. Tempo Storm, Tempest, Team Dignitas, and Gen.G made up the top four for this tournament, with the grand finals being the highly-anticipated rematch between Gen.G and Team Dignitas. After an exciting series that came down to the final map of this best-of-seven set, Gen.G accomplished what they set out to do – land their first international win of the 2018 season.

There were many other incredible matches at the Mid-Season brawl, including Tempo Storm making a case for North American teams by taking down Ballistix from South Korea. Here’s how some of the maps went.

Tempo Storm vs Ballistix (3-2 Tempo Storm)

To put this match into perspective, Ballistix took down Gen.G at Eastern Clash earlier this year. They’re very good. Tempo Storm is good “for NA,” as they say in esports. The chances of them even taking a map off of Ballistix was slim, but forcing a map five? Yes.

Tempo Storm Mid Season Brawl

Infernal Shrines would be the map that sent one of these teams home. It was a fairly even map until late in the game, when a more cerebral approach from both teams was needed. Tempo Storm forced Ballistix off of the north shrine to spawn a Mortar Punisher, triggering a mass recall. Once Ballistix was back on the field, they split up to force Tempo Storm’s hand.

Once Tempo Storm regrouped, it was all over. Building off of a Blaze bunker and Archon, they pressed for a Hail Mary push up mid – and it worked. Players were falling, but not faster than Ballistix’ shrine. It was a huge win for North America, and even bigger win for Tempo Storm.

Gen.G vs. Team Dignitas (3-2 Gen.G)

This match probably shattered most people’s expectations. Gen.G was perfect going into the grand finals, having defeated Team Dignitas previously in the semifinals with a score of 3-0. Europe’s chances of rebounding seemed slim, but Team Dignitas found their focus and almost completed a reverse sweep in the grand finals.

Map six was Cursed Hollow, and though it was close throughout, Gen.G did have the lead for most of the map. Facing a severe tower deficit, Dignitas had no choice but to play a very delicate game of tag at the center altar. Time and again, Gen.G looked like they were about to activate for the final barrage, but Dignitas kept interrupting.

But then it happened. After a reset for both teams, Dignitas caught Tsst (Garrosh) out of position for a quick kill which snowballed hard into a devastating X-Strike by Snitch (Genji). Every single player for Gen.G fell as Dignitas came up for air to the chant of their team name by the crowd. They took the remaining towers within seconds and made swift work of their 18 HP shrine deficit to force a map seven.

Even though Dignitas lost in the grand finals, they made Gen.G work for every inch. It was easily one of the most entertaining matches of any esport I’ve seen in some time. Hopefully Team Dignitas bottles up some of the wisdom and confidence they gained at Mid-Season Brawl for the next meeting with Gen.G, likely at BlizzCon later this year.

The next big HGC event will be Western Clash, which will be from August 10 to 12 at the Blizzard Arena. All the best teams from Europe and North America will gather to see who is truly the best in the west. Tickets are on sale now via AXS.

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