Is this new Hearthstone card overpowered or useless?

Hey, look – a Hearthstone card reveal. How exciting.

Exciting, because card reveals are when the Hearthstone community gets all riled up and angry over precisely where a card places on the Angry Chicken to Tirion spectrum. Is it useless, is it overpowered…  is it the sort of wacky card J4CKIECHAN would get really excited about?

Enter, Prince Keleseth:

Prince Keleseth

Prince Keseleth is one of the first cards previewed from Hearthstone’s upcoming Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion. And he’s pretty hard to figure out. The card has an absolute ton of build-around potential, and possesses a unique battlecry that is really difficult to evaluate in a vacuum.

Without going into any massive detail on the effect (read the card), this kind of powerful, deck-wide buff has the potential to give rise to some seriously broken decks in the post-KotFT Hearthstone meta. On the other hand, the considerable drawback of not being able to include ANY 2-cost cards in your deck may well make Prince Keleseth completely unplayable in any competitive setting.

The pros had mixed opinions. G2’s “Rdu” chose to reserve judgement.

Ant, a pro competing at this weekend’s massive HCT Spring Championship, thinks the card could make a splash in an aggressive Paladin deck.

And TicTac, GosuCrew’s recent signing, seems to think Prince Keleseth could be the next big thing:

You can find the other cards revealed from the new set here. This new set will feature 135 new cards, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled, as there will no doubt be more big reveals in the days to come.


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