Journey To Un’Goro: The Cards You Need to Know

Hearthstone’s latest expansion pack “Journey To Un’goro” is releasing this week, and you may well want to get back into the meta yourself and start fleshing out some new decks. Or perhaps you’re more interested in seeing the kinds of cards that pro players will likely be stacking with?

Now that the cards coming with the expansion pack are all known, we’re taking a look at some of the key cards that you should expect to see once Journey To Un’goro is released.

Hemet, Jungle Hunter – Neutral

By using this card you’re essentially rushing the game to the finish line, destroying all your lower-mana – and therefore weaker – cards to bring out the heavy hitters. Since it costs 6-Mana anyway you’ll already be towards the point of the game where you can play your stronger cards, so that won’t be an issue.

It does mean the deck will need to be very carefully constructed so as to avoid losing anything too valuable, but it’s a great concept that could help guide the randomness of Hearthstone in your favour a little more.

King Mosh – Neutral

The whole point of this powerful card is to clear the board and make way for its huge attack stat to deal some damage. Combo-ing this with something like Warrior spell Whirlwind that deals damage to groups of minions will make it incredibly strong, and so expect to see it used in quite a lot of Warrior Decks.

Glacial Shard – Neutral

This is a 1-Mana cost card that might look like a good card for quicker Tempo play styles thanks to its 2-attack 1-health stats, but it’s actually the Freeze Battlecry effect that will make it a good tool later in a match. The low cost that will help it combo well with a wide variety of cards, while its Freeze function can be used to gain a bit of safety from a powerful enemy minion card. A good, cheap, utility card to bring in many decks.

Blazecaller – Neutral

Elemental type cards are being introduced in Journey To Un’goro, so any decks that are going to be using this type a lot should definitely include this one. It’ll combo with any Elemental card that you play, is a powerful card in its own right, and deals a nice chunk of damage if played properly. It’s going to be in any deck that uses primarily Elementals.

Galvadon – Paladin

As a reward for the Paladin quest ‘Cast 6 spells on your minions’, which isn’t the easiest goal to undertake during a match, this card could easily become a game-ending play. It means you’ll need to play an awkward deck to allow for the six spells to be played, but with this card you’ll be able to get a number of benefits like Stealth, increased damage and even double attacks with Windfury.

Easily a card that could end a match, but the problem is it relies heavily on the quest that precedes it and that might be too hard to achieve with consistency. Unlikely to see consistent competitive play due to the difficult activation of the Adapt, but could be used as a niche pick.

Lightfused Stegodon –  Paladin 

A 4-cost card with 3-4 stats is healthy in its own rights, but the ability to apply Adapt – basically a stat-boost effect – to all of the Paladin’s Silver Hand Recruits could make it pretty valuable. If even one Silver Hand is made stronger this card still has its value, but anything above would be incredibly useful.

Ravenous Pterrordax – Warlock

By using a weak 1-Mana or 2-Mana cost card as a sacrifice, this card will become fairly powerful by allowing it to gain an Adapt boost twice. It requires holding on to a weaker card to make this happen, but it’s a very valuable card to have in a deck all the same. This card alone will be very helpful to many different types of decks, so one to watch here. Warlocks will often have low stat imps on the board as a side effect of certain spells or cards, sacrificing those to boost this card might become the norm.

Time Warp – Mage

This is a ridiculous card like many of the quest rewards are. This, for the Mage class, is given after casting six spells that weren’t in your deck at the start of the game. With further ways of achieving new spell cards in this expansion – and the mage already having a few options up its sleep in that regard – this quest isn’t quite as difficult as it might first seem. Being able to take a second turn as a result will allow for some incredibly powerful plays, so it’s likely this will be the new Mage go-to card.

Swamp King Dred – Hunter

While the Poison effect is going to become more of a feature in Hearthstone with the release of Journey To Un’goro and could negate the strength of this card, it still has a great deal of value that it could bring to a deck. Whether it will stick in the meta it’s hard to say, but it’s one to consider.

Tol’vir Stoneshaper – Neutral

A rather basic card, perhaps, but playing into the new Elemental cards like so many new expansion cards are. It’s stats make it useful anyway, but when played right it’s a solid addition to any board and will become a significant threat.

Kalimos, Primal Lord – Shaman

Yet another card that relies on Elemental types – really reinforcing decks filled with them for this expansion – but one with quite a serious benefit to it. On one hand it’s a significant body to have on the board with its 7 points of attack and health, but if you gain its additional effect then you can get a significant heal, strong Hero damage, a board fill and even a board clear. It’ll also play well with many of the new quests that are being introduced with this expansion, so it’ll likely get a lot of use.

Gluttonous Ooze – Neutral

This card is the answer to many of the most troublesome decks of the meta recently, countering and decks that use threatening weapons to deal damage. In one fell swoop this card can dispose of a powerful weapon and turn it to your – often significant – gain. This may well become mandatory, at least until the meta shifts around its inclusion.

Queen Carnassa – Hunter

It’s this card alone that is empowering the Hunter class, perhaps even turning the meta around on its head to make it a significant class to play once more. It’s a reward for a quest and so naturally pretty powerful, but that quest is mostly going to be easy for many Hunter Decks anyway since they often rely on low-cost anyway – they’ll just be playing normally and get a pretty stellar reward for doing so.

Clutchmother Zavas – Warlock

Consider that both of Warlock’s legendary cards are focused around the Discard ability, it’s clear Blizzard is trying to guide a certain playstyle. And that is down to this card, which will essentially let the Warlock keep making this card increasingly more powerful. It’s such a low mana cost, too, that it’ll become very easy to use consistently.

Journey to Un’goro is looking to breath some new life into Hearthstone. The expansion introduces the new ‘adapt’ mechanic, allowing players to choose upgrades for their minions if their adapt is activated. The new expansion releases tomorrow, and the race to grab the new cards will be on. Users are able to pre-order 50 Journey to Un’goro packs for £35.

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