“It Was Definitely a Wild Ride” – Freddybabes on 2017

Freddybabes is undoubtedly one of the rising stars of UK esports.

His 2017 achievements, in online CCG Gwent, have been nothing short of astounding. First he won Gwentslam, then the November Gwent Open, and to round it off, he took first place in December’s Gwent Challenger #2. According to, the 18 year old has amassed over $86k in tournaments winnings in the past year. This is extraordinary, especially considering Gwent’s esports scene is currently only in its embryonic stages.

All this becomes even more impressive when you consider the fact that Freddy is a first year university student, whose studies do not allow him to spend all day grinding Gwent’s Pro Ladder in order to secure automatic qualification for tournaments. Instead, he did it the hard way, qualifying through gruelling online qualifiers that allow zero margin for error.

Naysayerz gave Freddybabes one of her trademark grillings on today’s Daily Download. Watch to see what he had to say about his new status as one of UK esports’ leading lights.

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