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Ginx Esports TV Opens Its London Studios to Content Creators

GINX Esports TV announced last week that the company – which runs the world’s largest esports TV network – will open its London studios to external content creators.

GINX Esports TV produces, broadcasts and distributes esports content across 40+ countries. The media company operates from London where its headquarters have been established since 2009. Opening its facilities to esports content creators in the UK, the company aims to support the British gaming community.

“GINX Esports TV has state-of-the-art studios in London. We are currently reworking part of them to welcome independent content creators. They will be given access to our equipment but will also be able to work with our producers and in-house talent.” says Solenne Lagrange, marketing director of GINX Esports TV

This programme, called Volume, is part of GINX Esports TV’s strategy to support the growth of the UK esports community.  The linear TV channel being available in over 17 million homes in the UK, it felt natural for the company to start the Volume programme.

With Volume, vloggers, streamers or youtubers will be given the opportunity to create, learn and produce with the support of TV professionals. It is designed to help not only already established content creators but also to support new talent.

GINX Esports TV expects to welcome the first programme members before the Summer. As mentioned during the Esports BAR event in Cannes, where the programme was revealed for the first time, content creators are invited to contact GINX Esports TV to obtain more details about Volume and the admission requirements.

For more information and images please contact:

Solenne Lagrange, Marketing Director, GINX Esports TV
Tel:+44 (0) 7874 376848

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