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We’re Looking For Writers /Paid position

Do you have what it takes to write for us? GINX Esports TV is the largest esports TV network. Our online portal covers all the major esports including League of Legends, Dota 2, CS:GO, etc. Willing to provide high-quality editorial content as well as event coverage, we’re always on the lookout for willing writers who really know their stuff about the major (and not so major) esports scenes.

Who we are looking for

  • Someone who is passionate about esports
  • Someone who is reliable, enthusiastic
  • Someone who is able to work as part of a team but autonomous enough to work independently if needed
  • Someone who seas their is somethink wrrong in this sentens. And can actually correct it!

Your tasks

As part of GINX crew we expect you to deliver high quality and unique content in the esport industry: news, investigative features, highlights, guides, quizzes.

  • Find the most relevant topics
  • Create engaging content
  • Help us make esports and our portal grow!

Must haves

Please keep in mind quality matters more than quantity to us.

  • Excellent writing skills
  • Deep knowledge of the esports scene and its industry
  • Previous experience with online editorial work
  • Basic notions of SEO would be a plus

Games/topics we are looking for

Applications from esports writers of any kind are welcome, but if you are able to cover a more niche scene (games like World of Tanks, Heroes of the Storm, Vainglory etc) that will stand in your favour.

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How to apply

To apply, send an email with “Writer application” in the subject line to with the following details:

  • A brief description of your esports background
  • The games you would be able to cover
  • Some writing samples of yours. Ideally these will be published articles about esports, but if this isn’t possible, personal blogs and non-esports writing work too.
  • Any article ideas you already have.

Note: Paid position – All candidates must be able to invoice.

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