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How to Earn Coins in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

We all want to boost our coin balances in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team – how else could we hope to assemble the star-studded team of our dreams? Unfortunately, though, we don’t all have infinite money to sink into FIFA points. But there are still plenty of ways to earn coins that don’t make your wallet cry. In this article I’ll shed some light on the best and most popular methods.

The Catalogue Method

First up, using the EASFC catalogue – a catalogue full of stuff to help across all game modes. Everything in the catalogue is bought from FCC (Football Club Credits) which can be earned from any game mode and even just launching FIFA.

Coin boosts are one particularly useful item you can get from the catalogue. These can range from 200 coins to 1000 coins for a multiple game period, with the bonus coins awarded post-match. These purchases are cheap, but very effective.

The catalogue also gives you access to a multitude of great players on loan. The loan versions of various cards from 82-rated all the way up to the 93-rated Ronaldo. Loans are great for two things: giving you the option to try before you buy and taking up a worthy place on the substitutes bench.

Also in the catalogue are historic kits – these are great for improving the bank balance. The kits can either be quick sold for instant cash or listed on the market with the hope of returning a larger profit.

The Bronze Pack Method

Another great way to earn coins is with the Bronze Pack Method – a method available to all players. This method is pretty straightforward – simply buy a bunch of bronze packs and sell the contents. Here you will aim to sell every item from the pack, whether it’s a player or a contract.

Make sure you stick with the 400 coin packs, as it simply isn’t worth the extra 350 coins for two extra rares. Healing and Fitness cards have real money maker potential, as they’re often in demand come FUT Champions time, and should be sold then if you really want to maximise profit.

Another coin booster is the players. Never discard players – doing so is simply pointless. Instead, check how much they are worth and list them up for auction. Most will sell at some point in the year, many for megabucks due to the countless Squad Building Challenges.

Oh, and you’ll also pick up a fair amount of instant coin rewards. Because who doesn’t love free coins from a pack?

Investing around Marquee Matchups

Marquee Matchups is a weekly Squad Building Challenge that requires players that fit narrow requirements. This often has the effect of making the prices of those players required rise dramatically, which creates a huge opportunity to earn coins.

Marquee Matchups

A lot of FIFA YouTubers perform ‘Marquee Matchups Predictions’ to inform you about the possible matchups for the coming weeks. Investing earlier, when players are near discard price, is recommended. Then, sell on when the hype reaches maximum levels to maximise your profit.

The Squad Battle Method

Squad Battles is an offline competition against the computer. Games are played throughout the week, with four games on a weekday and eight on the weekend. After each game you are rewarded with points depending on your performance. The higher the difficulty the more points that are on offer due to the various multipliers that can apply.

These multipliers are as follows: Ultimate – 2.6, Legendary – 2.1, World Class – 1.6, Professional – 1.0, Semi-Pro – 0.7, Amateur – 0.6 and Beginner – 0.5.

Squad Battles, even if completed on a low difficulty, can be a great coin earner. You’ll also get packs in addition to the coin rewards. And the better your performance, the better quality packs that you are rewarded with.

The Weekend League Method

The Weekend League (more commonly known as FUT Champions) is a mode where dreams can be turned into reality. This is a highly competitive mode that requires qualification for entry. You can qualify by either winning the Daily Knockout Tournament, winning Division 2, holding Division 1 or obtaining a minimum of 18 wins in the Weekend League.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Weekend League

The reward is lucrative and players can receive both coin bonuses and packs for their performances in the Weekend League. You are tasked with obtaining as many wins as possible in forty games, all of this in a 48-hour window.

With such hefty demand on your time, this mode certainly isn’t for the faint of heart But the rewards, which you will reap the following Thursday, may well make it worth it for you. And don’t forget, those rewards correspond to the number of wins you get the in the Weekend League – so if you can put in a skillful performance you will be handsomely rewarded.

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