Full list of qualified players for Fortnite World Cup

With the $30m Fortnite World Cup fast approaching, we’ve compiled a complete list of all participants in both the solo and duo tournaments.

SlayaCoverH + MF Twizz
TOP_FaxfoxNRG benjyfishy + NRG MrSavageM
E11 StompySecret Mongraal + Atlantis Mitr0
TQ Prisi0n3r0E11 Tschinken + E11 Stompy
NRG benjyfishyLootboy Mexe + Lootboy Skram
hREDS BELAEUwoofgang crimz + OT Spadess
Gambit.letw1k3MSF Clix + MSF Sceptic
LDLC NayteEnvy LeNain + Tyler15
S2V DiegoGBArkhram1x + Bloom Falconer
TrainH DRGW7M pfzin + W7M Nicks
SEN BughaGO Deadra + GO M11z
Dubs fnFwexy + Letw1k3
Ghost BizzleNyhrox + Aqua
TSM_ComadonCrue + Chapix
Liquid VividZayt + Saf
100T CeiceBrush + Cizlucky
snow xdNateHill + Funk
Liquid RiversanLeno + Barl
QASAR leleovolx + Parpy
CatXXM + xMende
BannyCeice + Elevate
TakamurammMegga + Dubs
Luki tjkLanjok + Punisher
LeftEyeLittle + Jay
FledermoysLnuef + Quinten
TchubHunter + Kinstaar
CoreGamingAirwoks + Nikof
wakiewisheydp + Gustavox8
lolb0omJamside + Zssk7
DomentosItemm + Derox
LasersOslo + Not BadSniper
kurtz4zr + Noward
TfueRedRush + znappy
UnknownxArmyTetchra + Eclipsae
FunkRoAtDW + BlooTea
Nittleronaldo + XXiF
PsalmAydan + Sean
Meta Peterpan
Atlantis Letshe
AGO Jarkos
NRG MrSavageM
Ghost Issa
MGA Snayzy
Fnatic Smeef
Dualmedia Blastr
NRG Zayt
FaZe Megga
WBG Rhux
Twitch Pzuhs
W7M Dkoutzzz

*Despite initially qualifying in week 3 (solos), Xxif has been disqualified after being found cheating in his qualifying matches.

** Despite being banned in week 3, XXif was allowed to compete again after two weeks and qualified in the Week 8 duo qualifiers.

Make sure to check back regularly to see any updates and the full list ahead of arguably one of the biggest tournaments in esports history.

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