18 May

Stunfest 2018: A guide to the weekend’s action

Stunfest is a key event on the FGC calendar,held in Rennes, France and hosting prestigious tournaments for Street Fighter V and Dragon Ball FighterZ.

The event is also a stop on the Capcom Pro Tour, meaning the Street Fighter V tournament awards points that go towards Capcom cup qualification. This means some really big names are in attendance, including the likes of Luffy, ProblemX and Daigo.

There are also plenty of stars competing in the Dragon Ball FighterZ event. Echo Fox’s Punk, who is also a professional Street Fighter player, stands out as one of the most instantly recognisable names.


In true fighting games style, both tournaments are open to the public and sprawling in nature. The structure for both sees players initially fighting it out in pools which then feed into playoff brackets.

Keep track of the various brackets on Stunfest’s official smash.gg page.


Below are the key times, as listed on the Stunfest website.

Top 8 Dragonball FighterZ – 6 PM (GMT+2), May 19

Top 8 Street Fighter 5 – 7 PM (GMT+2), May 20


You will be able to watch the Street Fighter portion of the event on the official CapcomFighters Twitch stream:


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