G2 Esports announce Red Bull as new partner

G2 Esports have announced a new partnership with Red Bull, extending their deal beyond their joint Red Bull Racing venture for a multi-year agreement.

Teasing fans over the last few days, the G2 social media accounts had posted videos from their CS:GO, League of Legends and Rainbow Six Siege players promoting #TheBigStep. The hashtag will continue to be used to showcase moments and memes from behind the scenes with the various G2 divisions across multiple esports.

G2 Esports’ CEO Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez made a statement in the official announcement, giving his thoughts on the new partnership between the organisation and Red Bull.

“Red Bull and G2 have a shared vision of bringing more entertainment and adventure to the esports industry through interactive content and event activations, so a partnership was an obvious and important move for us. This holistic partnership is a big step for G2 and the content that we have coming down the pipeline is going to set this collaboration apart from all others in the space.”

Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez , CEO and founder of G2 Esports

Red Bull has been a sponsor for Finnish organisation ENCE since the start of the year, with Aleksi “allu” Jalli’s infamous Red Bull clip almost certainly helping secure the deal.

Other energy and fitness drinks have branched into esports as sponsors including NOCCO for Astralis and Monster Energy for Team Liquid and Natus Vincere.

As part of the partnership, Red Bull will now appear on the G2 jerseys for 2019 alongside other sponsors and partners Twitch, Logitech and AORUS.

The new G2 Esports’ 2019 jersey featuring the Red Bull logo will be available soon for
€60.00 from

G2 will have multiple teams competing this weekend, with their Rainbow Six Siege and Rocket League squads flying to DreamHack Montreal and League of Legends team in Greece’s Nikos Galis Olympic Indoor Hall for LEC Summer 2019 playoff Grand Finals.

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