Fnatic's Jumpy and Golden Minutes After Their IEM Win

A week on and we still haven’t quite got over that IEM Katowice final. No one gave Fnatic a chance going in, with their final opponents – FaZe – a far more decorated team than they. Many saw Fnatic as something of a relic, a team whose greatest achievements were long behind them. While FaZe came into this final intent on cementing themselves as the best team in CS:GO, Fnatic’s simply wanted to prove that they were still relevant.

What followed was one of the most thrilling finals CS:GO has ever seen. In an encounter that was back-and-forth until the death, Fnatic eventually pulled out a 19-17 win on Train to secure their first title in one-and-a-half years. Star rifler Flusha rightly grabbed the headlines for his  extraordinary skill and composure, but this win was very much a team performance.

Julia “bish” Robson, our correspondent at the event, managed to grab Fnatic’s Jumpy and Golden mere minutes after their win.

Golden: ‘It’s a dream come true”

Jumpy: ‘You can’t even describe it with words”

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