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Rise Nation Wins Call Of Duty’s MLG Vegas

Despite the organisation dropping out early on in the Overwatch tournament at the same event, Rise Nation’s Call Of Duty lineup has gone on to win the tournament and earn itself $40,000 in prize winnings.

It was a packed event with 16 teams battling for the ultimate glory, with the expected top names in Call Of Duty esports making it rather comfortably out of the group stage and into the winners bracket.

It was FaZe Clan, Splyce, Rise Nation, Luminosity Gaming, Cloud9, Elevate EU and up-and-comers Team Allegiance and Enigma6 that would make it into the winners bracket.

While there were some exciting narratives waiting to be told here, not one of them came to pass.

Splyce found itself once again unable to find that extra gear it needed to perform against dominant team FaZe Clan, Cloud9 ultimately came out on top in a close series against Elevate EU while Rise Nation found good competition from LG but ultimately won the series to proceed through the tournament.

It was hard to predict the match between Team Allegiance and Enigma6, but it was in fact the only sweep of the bracket with Allegiance gaming the series with a clean 3-0 victory.

Their efforts were soon stopped short, however, as it faced the stronger side of Cloud9. Allegiance put up a strong showing against C9 and it was clear it wasn’t about to let the team claim its victory easily, but a strong push from C9 on the final map gave them the win it needed for a 3-2 victory.

On the other side of the bracket, however, many anticipated FaZe Clan to take it to the finals, since Rise Nation had not had the performance of late and it had not yet shown a confidence in the tournament it would have needed to pass the semifinals.

That did not happen, however, and Rise Nation found itself in control of the majority of the best-of-five series, ultimately going on to win with a relatively smooth 3-1 victory.

That put Rise Nation and Cloud9 in the finals of the winner’s bracket together and once again it found itself in a very comfortable position, overcoming the initial bumps of the group stage and the earlier matches to find itself competently taking control of the series, going on to win 3-1.

After a deciding match between Cloud9 and FaZe Clan – who had beaten back OpTic Gaming in the final round of the loser’s bracket – it would be Cloud9 to once again face Rise Nation in the grand finals.

Here the series was much closer, an embittered C9 looking to exact vengeance against Rise Nation for their previous match.

Though the series would ultimately go to Rise Nation in a contested 3-2 series, Cloud9 never looked like it was going to give away the MLG Vegas first place victory.

This marks Rise Nation’s most recent first-place victory since March and follows a large overhaul of the squad in November. Whether this is just a new roster looking to make it’s mark or a sign of things to come for Rise Nation it’s hard to say, but it’s clear the team is ready to make an impact in the Call Of Duty scene again.

Rise Nation vs Cloud9 – MLG Vegas

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