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The CWL Dallas Groups Are Here

The inaugural event of the Call of Duty: World War II season is set to take place in Dallas on 8-10th December. The event will feature over 160 teams in the Open Bracket fighting for their place in groups, as well as sixteen teams across four groups. These groups comprise of ten North American teams, five European teams and one team representing Asia Pacific. On Wednesday 29 November, groups were drawn and look as follows.

Group A

OpTic Gaming
Team EnVyUs

Group A is very top heavy. OpTic Gaming, the best team in Call of Duty history and Esport Industry Award winners, have won two of the last three 2000 Pro Point tournaments, and looked as strong as ever. As favourites to take the title of CWL Dallas champions, OpTic will be looking to take their group with relative ease.

Second place, on the other hand, is entirely up for grabs. The three remaining teams have all recently come together for the arrival of WWII, having all played around the top level in recent years.

Enigma6, UNILAD and Team EnVyUs have all shown hints of greatness in recent weeks, and will now be put to test for the first time. It’s possible that we’ll see some very tight games between these 3 as they battle it out for the second Winner’s Bracket spot.

Our predictions:

  1. OpTic Gaming
  2. Team EnVyUs
  4. Enigma6

Group B

Luminosity Gaming
Ground Zero
Team Vitality
Epsilon Esports

Luminosity Gaming have already been touted as a top 2 team worldwide going in to CWL Dallas. With two-time World Champ Jkap commanding John, Slacked and Octane, the roster was destined to do well from the start.

Their main rivals are OpTic Gaming, having battled it out with them in 2 of the last 3 2000 Series’ and come off on the losing side each time. Despite this, it’s unlikely they will face too much pressure from the other teams in their group.

Ground Zero features a strong mix of veteran and young talent, whilst Team Vitality and Epsilon have a heavier focus on a newer generation of players that have seen success in recent years.

Our predictions:

  1. Luminosity Gaming
  2. Ground Zero
  3. Epsilon Esports
  4. Team Vitality

Group C

Team Kaliber
Red Reserve
Rise Nation

Team Kaliber are finally starting to see success following several years of disappointment, and will be looking to capitalise on their recent good form. That being said, their group looks tough and they may not have it as easy as the top seeds in the other groups.

They are joined by a Red Reserve side with a lot to prove, as European competitors that have all individually made huge waves across the pond over the last few years. Rise Nation will be seeking to improve on their recent online performances, whereas Mindfreak, the pride of Australia, will seek to gain more recognition for APAC Call of Duty.

Our predictions:

  1. Team Kaliber
  2. Red Reserve
  3. Rise Nation
  4. Mindfreak

Group D

Ghost Gaming
Evil Geniuses

This group has already been dubbed the group of death. Featuring over 50 championship wins across EUnited and Evil Geniuses alone. Splyce have been the top dog in Europe for the past 2 years, and with the addition of Tommey to the squad, are looking in fine form for a possible Championship run here.

Ghost Gaming are the clear outliers here. Despite looking impressive, they do not have the same calibre of player or teamwork presented in their opponents, and may struggle to pick up wins in their group.

Our predictions:

  1. Splyce
  2. EUnited
  3. Evil Geniuses
  4. Ghost Gaming

In these groups, the top two teams will go to Winner’s Bracket rounds one (if they place second) or two (if they place first), whilst third, fourth and fifth enter the Loser’s Bracket at rounds 3, 2, and 1 respectively.

Following the group stages, we should expect to see teams such as OpTic Gaming and Luminosity fly through the winner’s brackets whilst teams such as Ground Zero, Splyce and Evil Geniuses could certainly be looked at to make strong runs in the bracket.

Tune in on 8-10th December at to watch the event live, and keep an eye on GINX Esports TV for updates on the event.

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