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GINX Profile: Frankie Ward

GINX viewers will already be familiar with Bridge star Frankie Ward. They will be familiar with her love of Overwatch; they will be familiar with her hyper-competitive attitude; they will be familiar, also, with her irrational propensity to get really, really mad at Just Dance games. In the spirit of getting even more familiar with Frankie, we decided to ask her these nice, gaming-related questions. Enjoy.[divider size=”full”]

Hello! There’s only one place to start: which video game character best represents you?

Governor Elaine Marley of the Monkey Island series – I’m strong-minded and don’t suffer fools gladly, yet have been kidnapped an alarming number of times.

What was your first exposure to gaming?

My dad had a knackered early 90s laptop with Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy on it – a sassy text based game that will kill you quicker than dropping into School on your first ever game of PUBG. A few years ago, an incredible woman – who shall forever be my hero – saw the domain the game was housed on was going to be deleted, so she rescued it and made it available for all on the BBC Radio 4 Extra website, of all places.

What moment made you “get” esports?

Covering League of Legends Worlds Quarter-Finals in 2015 – yes, a bit late to the party, but it led me to work in gaming full-time. When I sit in a crowd of rowdy Rocket League fans, that’s when I truly feel “these are my people”.

What is your esports specialist subject?

My favourites are Rocket League, Overwatch and PUBG – all relatively new esports, which means I’m not late to the aforementioned party for once, and they’re all games I play, too.

If you were walking onto the stage as a player, what would your theme tune be?

Probably Woman by Kesha, simply because the chorus goes “I’m a motherf**cking WOMAN!” and I like to state the obvious.

Who’s your favourite caster? And why?

Budget Frodan – I have my own Budget Frank on the Bridge, but we actually appear onscreen at the same time.

I also love Leigh “Deman” Smith because no one does hype like him, and Pansy because she’s setting the bar higher and higher for PUBG casting with every tournament.

If you could ask Faker one question, what would it be?

Would you like to come and feed the ducks with me? (I worry about his vitamin D levels.)

Frank Soldato, “star” of The Bridge, claims he is the best at every game. If you could choose, which game would you take him on in?

I’ve already beaten him at Just Dance, so probably an Overwatch 1v1 Death match, or Hearthstone.

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