What Happened At Overwatch Open’s NA Group Stage?

The Overwatch Open Finals are underway, and already we’ve seen the NA portion of the tournament completed, the victory now declared and the losers left for dust.

Rather than build up to it too much, it’s pretty clear who lead the charge for first-place victory in the NA side. Team EnVyUs, who has proven itself many times before and is the favourite to win the tournament, went on a strong march through the group stage.

It began slowly, however, claiming only a single attack round victory, but managing to hold off Splyce on all three of its attacking rounds. EnVyUs’ second match, against Team Liquid, was a little stronger, succeeding in all of its attacking rounds and managing to hold Liquid back just enough to succeed.

NRG’s initial loss to a confident Team Liquid put them on the back foot, but it managed to claw back a victory against Splyce which lead to a back and forth in its rematch against Liquid.

Ultimately NRG came out on top after a tense match that went into overtime, leading to the team’s close victory – at 2-1 – that placed it second in the group.

Group B was always going to be a tougher one to call, however, with Fnatic, Cloud9 and Immortals having already proved themselves worthy of proceeding to the playoffs.

It was Fnatic that took control of the group stage, however, winning both its games, first against Immortals and then up against underdogs Method.

Cloud9 found itself faltering initially up against Method, losing 2-1 after a very close third game that ultimately went to Method who won an additional third attacking round compared to C9’s two rounds.

Immortals was the surprise of the group stage since many had anticipated more after the roster of Sodipop had been acquired by the org and promised that its skill would blossom.

The team went on to lose all of its games, not even winning a single round. It was Fnatic and Cloud9 who would go on to top Group B, however, and make it into the playoffs.

The playoffs began with EnVyUs versus Cloud9, and though C9 put up a fight it was all too easy for Nv who went on to with the best-of-five 3-1.

Fnatic had an even stronger game against NRG eSports, however, winning each of its attacking rounds but managed to stop NRG just short of achieving the same to go on and win the series 3-0.

The final of the playoffs was set to be a tough one for either side, then, at that was true, for the most part. Though EnVyUs went on to win the series 3-1, it was still close throughout.

Fnatic won the first game on King’s Row, but it was tense. Only a single attacking round was won between both teams, giving Fnatic a close but slight advantage as the final unfolded.

That would be the last game it won, however, and while Fnatic was always narrowly missing out on winning its rounds, EnVyUs was strong enough to hold them back at every opportunity – eventually leading to its victory.

As the NA victors of the group stage, EnVyUs will now go on to play against the winner of the EU group stage in the Overwatch Open grand finals.

The EU group stage will continue tomorrow 28 September with Reunited versus Ninjas In Pyjamas. You’ll be able to tune in to the Overwatch Open on Ginx eSports TV from 3PM until midnight on 28 and 29 September with the grand finals airing at 3AM on 30 September.

Ginx eSports TV can be watched like on Sky Channel 470 or Virgin Channel 290.

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