Here Are the Decks That Won HCT Oslo

HCT Oslo, the latest of the impressively numerous Hearthstone tour stops, took place last weekend. In the end it was Italian player Turna who took first place – which is pleasing, because he’s been quietly impressive for some time now, taking second place at the WESG European qualifiers back in November and bagging a top eight finish at Dreamhack Valencia before that.

But you’re not here for a round-up of the event. You’re here for those juicy decklists. Fair enough, let’s get into it  – here are the decks Turna used to win.

Big Hunter

Turna Big Hunter
Deck via Hearthpwn

Big Hunter has the potential to do absurd things, albeit on a somewhat inconsistent basis. Here Barnes is a one-card combo, since when its played it puts a 1/1 Y’Shaarj into play, which in turn summons the real Y’Shaarj. Having a 10/10 on turn 4 is definitely pretty good… if you can draw Barnes.

Dude Paladin

Turna Paladin
Deck via Hearthpwn

In this aggressive deck, the gameplan is to flood the board with silver hand recruits and apply a huge amount of pressure in the early turns. To really capitalise on those massive boards we have two copies of Lightfused Stegodon, one copy of Level up and of course the powerhourse that is Sunkeeper Tarim. A good deck for those of you that enjoy overwhelming your opponents with legions of little dudes.

Combo Dragon Priest

Turna Priest
Deck via Hearthpwn

Dragons are cool. Making obscenely big minions and swinging for 24 is cool. Enter: this deck. Use your dragon synergies to dominate the board, then buff up your chunky minions with Divine Spirit and Inner Fire to apply the killing blow.


Turna Cubelock
Deck via Hearthpwn

If you haven’t been living under a green, cube-shaped rock for the past few months, then you should be familiar with Cubelock by now (also, that wasn’t a rock). The gist is this: lifetap loads, clear the board lots and cheat big demons into play. Your aggro matchups revolve around surviving and healing; in control matchups you’ll want to set up a big burst finish with Doomguards off of Bloodreaver Gul’Dan.

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