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Introducing All New Thursdays and Super Sundays

Tune in on Thursday 31 August, at 6 PM BST, for the very first edition of All New Thursdays on GINX Esports TV. And catch it all again on Super Sunday, which kicks off at 6 PM BST on Sunday 3 September.

We’re big fans of descriptive titles here at GINX. Big fans. Huge fans, actually. So you can kind of see where we’re coming from with the name “All New Thursdays”, which will consist of back-to-back brand new episodes of The Daily Download, Top 10, Games Room, The First Hour, The Bridge, This Week in Esports and GGM Countdown.

New episodes, on a Thursday – All New Thursdays. With a name like that, the message should be pretty clear. We think we did a good job. Good job us.

Can’t catch the new episodes on Thursday? No problemo – we’ve got you covered with our new Super Sunday schedule. Every Sunday, from 6PM BST, we’ll show the full set of new shows for a second time.

So there’s plenty of opportunity to catch up, there. Or you could just watch everything again. We have absolutely zero problem with you watching everything again.

Depending on where you’re located, here’s how to watch:

Division A
Red Reserve3-0
Team Kaliber3-1
Echo Fox3-1
Evil Geniuses2-2
FaZe Clan0-3
Epsilon Esports0-3

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