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The 7 Best Cheap Players in FIFA 18: Ultimate Team

Everyone wants to dominate in Ultimate Team, but not everyone has the means to assemble a team of absolute superstars. Fortunately, though, there are plenty of budget beasts that will allow you to compete with the very best for an extremely modest price. Today I’m going to take a look at seven of the very best cheap players in FIFA 18’s Ultimate Team, all of which are great options to bolster your starter squads and notch those extra wins in the Weekend League.

GINX’ ranking:

7. Cedric Bakambu
6. Franck Kessié
5. Gerard Deulofeu
4. Jonathan Tah
3. Reveal
2. Reveal
1. Reveal

7. Cedric Bakambu

At number 7, Cedric Bakambu the Congolese man stands at 6ft tall and is an absolute powerhouse in the attack. Bakambu oozes class, especially in the early stages of FIFA 18 where special cards and super teams are seemingly rare. A pacy striker who possess a four-star weak foot and three-star skill moves, for such a cheap price, is an absolute steal.

BakumbuI’ve had the pleasure of using his In-form card as well as his regular, and all though you wouldn’t think it possible to improve upon this card, I have to say it really delivers. If I had to pick out a standout stat for this man and it’d have to be his 88 sprint speed coupled with 86 acceleration – he really is a speed demon.

6. Franck Kessié

In the sixth spot, it’s a midfield giant. Kessié is a Calcio A midfielder who reminds me of Renato Sanches from FIFA 17 – seriously overpowered, and a man mountain at the centre of the park.


Kessié possess 83 strength and a four star weak foot that helps him boss the game. A downside to this card is the two star skill moves but he’s still capable of pulling off a ball roll and is rarely budged off the ball with his 82 physicality. Admittedly, Kessié isn’t the quickest of players, with only 74 sprint speed and 76 acceleration, but once he gets going he’s hard to stop. Throw a high/high workrate into the equation, and you get a quality box to box midfielder who won’t break the bank.

5. Gerard Deulofeu

Coming in at number five it’s the Spanish wizard, Gerard Deulofeu, who boasts an impressive 82 overall card with four star skill moves and a four star weak foot. The Barca man is a great option for La Liga squads, especially those operating on a budget. He’s got bundles of pace, with 93 acceleration and 93 sprint speed, a high dribbling stat of 87 and an ample passing stat of 75.


With attributes like these, you can definitely see the Spanish player as a kind of “budget Messi”. Deulofeu costs in the region of 4,000 coins, depending on your platform of choice, but he is certainly not to be underestimated. Definitely one to be considered for those Spanish hybrids and La Liga outfits.

4. Jonathan Tah

A strong defence is the backbone of any team, and a team with Jonathan Tah is as solid as a rock. The German centre-back is a physical monster, standing at 6ft 3 inches tall and boasting 91 strength, coupled with 78 sprint speed.


When coins are low many players try to cheapen their squads by budgeting their defensive options but with Tah costing in the region of 2000 coins there’s no need to sacrifice quality for cost. Tah boasts some impressive defensive statistics, too, with 86 standing tackle, 82 marking and 80 interceptions. With links to both the Bundesliga and the nation of Germany he is set to be seen as a common defender throughout many Ultimate Team squads this year.

3. Benjamin Mendy

A fullback with the ability to play from the back is a true asset, and Manchester City’s Benjamin Mendy will have you covered in this department. In FIFA 17, until Team of the Season, the Premier League sorely lacked a rounded left-back with pace, passing and the ability to defend. Fortunately, in FIFA 18, Mendy addresses this problem and then some.


The Premier League new boy stands at 6ft tall, which is above-average for a fullback, and possesses strong stats across the board, with 82 pace, 74 defending and 79 physical. The Frenchman will prove a strong a choice for many players across FUT, whether it’s via a Premier League team or a French Hybrid. Mendy also has an impressive 82 crossing statistic that will be useful as will provide an outlet down the left side of the pitch.

2. Andrea Belotti

Andrea Belotti, aka “The Rooster”, is a superb option for not only Calcio A teams, but hybrids too. And with the ability to link to players like El Shaarawy, this card will be highly sought after. The Italian stallion has some great on card statistics, with 80s across the board in pace, physical and shooting, with a near-80 dribbling stat too.


All of those stats, coupled with a five star weak foot, instils full confidence in this man, who also posses the ability to finish on either foot and three-star skills to boot. The Rooster may possibly be my favourite player to use on FIFA 18 – he seems to have it all – and for near 7000 coins, he’s an absolute bargain.

1. Michail Antonio

Finally, the budget beast that tops all budget beasts. Michail Antonio, the Hammers man, has an insane card and is certainly good enough to compete with in the Weekend League and in Squad Battles.


The Englishman has great stats across the board, with four star skills and a four star weak foot, coupled with 85 pace, 80 dribbling and 82 physical. Not only does he have the ability to burn past defenders using his sheer pace but he can also go toe to toe with most centre backs with his 86 strength. Wow, just… wow.

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