The Ten Best Goals from the FICWC

Brøndby IF’s Marcus ‘ExpectSporting’ Jørgensen was crowned grand champion of the inaugural FIFA Interactive Club World Cup, taking home $10,000 and a crucial qualifying place for the FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC) later this month.

The impressive Dane, who won the Playstation division, defeated the Xbox champion Fouad ‘Rafsou’ Fares of Lyon in a dramatic, high-scoring comeback in the grand final.

Rafsou, who also qualified for the FIWC, took a convincing 4-2 lead in the first leg of the final on his weaker console. However, in the second leg ExpectSporting asserted his dominance and ruthlessly dissected his opponent with a stunning 6-1 victory to bring the aggregate score to 8-5.

And that wasn’t the only high-scoring ExpectSporting game of the tournament, as he smashed PSG’s August ‘’Agge’ Rosenmeier 5-0 in the first leg of the Playstation semi-final.

There were a lot of goals to choose from but we have managed to narrow it down to these choice hightlights. So here are our 10 favourites goals from the FICWC.

Valencia David ‘DavidSP’ Soriano Perujo’s Kante wonder strike

N’golo Kante is best known for his incredible tackling and thorough defensive play. It’s very rare that the French midfielder is used offensively but try telling that to DavidSP who unleashed this thunderous strike in off of the crossbar.

New York City FC’s Chris Holly slices through Agge’s defence

Agge is well known for being incredibly solid at the back but he was pushed to his limits by American FIFA player Chris who impressed with his aggressive play. Chris showed just how difficult it is to stop him this this beautiful through ball by Dele Alli from near the halfway line which left Luka Modric with an easy finish.

OL Rafsou Suarez longshot out of nowhere

Rafsou had a strong tournament and was definitely more comfortable on the front foot. He showed how lethal he can be with this first-time longshot that caught TimLatka by surprise.

Brondby’s ExpectSporting mazing Ronaldo run into top Messi finish

The FICWC champion utilised the two best players in the world to perfection to score this wonderfully worked goal. He began with a powerful run with Cristiano Ronaldo, muscling off defenders and driving into his opponent’s half. Then he gave the ball to Lionel Messi outside the box who without hesitation beautifully curved the ball into the top corner.

Schalke 04’s TimLatka’s dizzying passing in Ajax Koen’s own area

When I was at the FICWC a player told me that playing against Tim ‘TimLatka’ Schwartmann left him ‘dizzy’ because of his rapid passing and this goal exemplifies that. Four quick passes within his opponent’s box created a goal instantly before Koen could react.

Rapid counter attack by FC Nante’s Vincent ‘Vinch’ Hoffman from a Goalkeeper throw

Within the blink of an eye, Vinch took the ball across the length of the pitch and then took out two defenders with some fancy footwork with Ronaldo before slotting past the opposition’s goalkeeper.

Rafsou’s ping pong passing left the defenders no chance

Rafsou completed four quick passes in an extremely packed area to score this brilliantly worked goal. The fast play left Vinch helpless, he had barely had any time to react.

ExpectSporting with a beautiful variety of turns and passes

This genius goal was so well worked that even Chris, his opponent, gave a small nod in acknowledgement of this excellent piece of play. ExpectSporting launched an attack with a barrage of quick passing and skillful turns that Chris couldn’t come close to stopping. He toyed with the defenders, embarrassing any player who dared to even try and win the ball back.

Chris slams a longshot into the top corner against ExpectSporting

Two of the most attacking players at the tournament guaranteed an abundance of goals and most of those goals were top drawer like this emphatic strike. Chris told me that he noticed most European players didn’t take many longshots so he abused the fact that they wouldn’t expect them. Take that as a word of warning, if you give Chris space outside the box he will punish you for it.

A spectacular counter attack from ExpectSporting in the grand final

The inaugural FICWC champion finished this swift counter attack with an elegant sequence of skills followed by an excellent through ball from Ronaldo to Messi who finished emphatically with a driven shot into the far corner.

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