The Highlight Reel: Dreamhack Austin CS:GO

CS:GO never fails to find room for hugely entertaining moments. Something about the short, tight rounds and the pinpoint precision needed to succeed at the highest level just makes it perfect for tense combative plays.

By now you probably already know that it was Gambit that took the latest major event at DreamHack Austin, taking the top prize of $50,000 and beating Immortals in a 2-0 grand finals.

But that doesn’t tell the whole story of the competition, omitting the close calls that G2 Esports found themselves and the wholehearted efforts that Cloud9 really pushed for.

So here’s some of the clutchest of saves, the deadliest of shots and the most intense killstreaks from DreamHack Austin’s CS:GO tournament last weekend, with the odd funny moment to remember too.

H0bbit’s jumping headshot in the finals

We’ll start with one from the grand final and a display of the sort of skill that is needed to compete at this level. At this point Gambit are already sitting pretty with one match of three already won, with a healthy lead in the second game.

Immortals aren’t making it a total walkover, and while they do go on to push for a closer end to the finals it’s not enough. This display by Abay “H0bbit” Khassenov is one such example of why exactly they just couldn’t get a foothold.

It’s quick, so you may want to watch it twice, but H0bbit’s methodical movement isn’t out of caution but preparation, swinging into action with a jumping headshot before spinning immediately to put down a second Immortals player. It’s a moment that really emphasised Gambit over the weekend, and helped to edge that lead out a little bit more.

KennyS makes it look easy

The semifinals between G2 Esports and Gambit really was a coming together of champions. Both teams had been on top of their game and while G2 would come in second place in the group phase it had still be in control in the majority of its games.

So seeing these two face off was a real treat, perhaps even more so than the grand finals. This clip comes from the close first match between the two at a 22-22 overtime draw that struggled to find a clear winner.

This highlights the composure of deadeye Kenny “KennyS” Schrub as he patiently waits for those corner peaks on Nuke. Gambit is aware he’s there, so rather than waiting he makes a move and a couple of insane shots.

Shoxie sneaks in

Another one from Gambit here, and a clip that really builds the tension. This one came during the semifinals up against G2, a team that had been taking names throughout the tournament and wasn’t about to give up on that.

The first game was a tough match, finally going to G2 in overtime after finally pushing on for a solid few rounds to earn them that 23-25 match win. Gambit began the second match on the backfoot, too, its confidence knocked by the strength of G2 Esports. This clip shows the kind of confidence that G2 was playing with at this point.

Richard “Shox” Papillon demonstrates an incredible patience, sneaking in completely unnoticed and holding fire for an excruciatingly tense 15 seconds before executing a perfect two-for-one.

A break in the action

While the gunplay here is a little sloppy – for both G2 and Cloud9 – it’s still funny to see both players take a pause as they each have to reload, awkwardly watching each other as they fumble with the ammo clip.

An impossible shot from JuGi

On the other side of the semifinals Immortals were facing off against Heroic, and while Immortals had been showing itself to be a force to be reckoned with Heroic was still trying to make a name for itself having stopped short at so many events since Team X formed the new squad in 2016.

This clip is from the first game of the semis, one that Heroic would go on to edge out a win against Immortals. With Heroic looking for any sort of advantage, this display of reactions by Jakob “Jugi” Hansen was perhaps the catalyst to give them the confidence to take on the powerhouse of Immortals.

Blind following the blind

We don’t like to laugh at others misfortunes, but it’s always heartening for our own sloppy skills when we see the best pros mess up.

This is a clip between Cloud9 and Immortals in the Group B finals has Cloud9’s Michael “shroud” Grzesiek execute a great flashbang before completely missing Immortals’ Lucas “steel” Lopes cowering in the corner.

Nitro takes a triple

The Liquid we’ve seen and can expect to show up weren’t really present at DreamHack Austin, ultimately going on to drop out of Group B with zero games won. In looking to keep itself in the competition, it was necessary in this match – up against a strong G2 – that Liquid pulled out all the stops.

And it looked like it might just do that, until it lost the first of the best of three despite a smattering of skillful displays, such as this one from Nicholas “Nitro” Cannella who – backed into a corner with three of G2 marching in – managed a clutch three killstreak.

It wasn’t enough, sadly, and while Liquid confidently destroyed G2 in the second match, the roles reversed in the third game and Liquid was kicked to the curb for the tournament.

FNX and a 1v3 clutch

There’s a reason that Immortals are considered one of the best teams in CS:GO esports, and while they didn’t go on to win the tournament there were just far too many clips that proved the worth of this beast of a team.

In this clip it’s Lincoln “FNX” Lau that makes a statement, with Immortals struggling up against Heroic and needing something to push on for the win. Just follow along with this clip and watch how cool FNX is about the whole thing, taking three kills back to back with an almost precognitive sense of the hiding Heroic players.

Dosia is MVP

There’s not much to say about the player’s that get named MVP for any major or premier tournament: they’ve earned it, and you can probably assume why.

Here’s a clip of Mikhail “Dosia” Stolyarov, then, the Gambit player that was named MVP of DreamHack Austin and, with some incredible plays, one of the core reasons Gambit came out on top.

The particular clip we’re highlighting is a four kill wasting as Dosia obliterates G2 Esports as the pour out of the corridor above, Dosia lining them up perfectly to crush the assault.


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