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Watch All The Best Plays From Call Of Duty XP

The best plays from Call of Duty XP

Call of Duty XP is officially in the history books and EnVyUs will forever be remembered as the world champions of Black Ops 3. They proved throughout the competition that they were head and shoulders above the rest of the field, destroying the likes of OpTic Gaming, FaZe Clan and Splyce to take those coveted championship rings, and of course $800,000.

Splyce also won the hearts of many people after their incredible lower bracket run, which saw them knock off some of America’s biggest names on their way to the final and second place. They were Europe’s crowning glory, with FAB also making it to the top four proving that Europe is finally able to compete with NA.

Of course all of the teams in Los Angeles came to play, and that they did, which provided some of the best Call of Duty we have ever seen. The resulting highlight reel from the event could easily go on for hours, with more top plays than we could ever feature in a single article. But while we couldn’t include everything, we did attempt to find clips of all the biggest and most impressive moments from Call of Duty XP.

MadCat destroys Splyce

On the first day the standout game from the opening rounds was the all European clash of Splyce and Millenium. Heading into the tournament many had picked Milenium as Europe’s best chance at a top finish, but the loss of Callum “Swanny” Swan days before the event made Splyce look like the new favourites. In the first map Millenium were looking strong and as they were about to round out the victory MadCat grabbed his tempest and single-handedly destroyed the last chance attack from Splyce.

Goonjar with the quad

Another tempest play here, this time from Jevon “Goonjar” Gooljar. As the capture the flag map went into overtime Goonjar managed to secure his specialist ability and used it to great effect. A quick rush towards the flag saw him kill all four opponents in a matter of seconds and secure a rapid time for the first half of overtime. There wasn’t all that many four piece kill feeds this weekend, making this a special play.

High Octane

Left in a one versus two situation and in a somewhat poor position, a play from Sam “Octane” Larew was unlikely here but that didn’t stop him trying. A miraculous spot from a position few people know about, or at least try to use in a pro game, resulted in the first kill but then things looked dire. Hit with a heatwave the round seems all but over, yet even while disorientated he manages to hit the shot and secure the round for his team. It might not be the flashiest play, but it was one of the most impressive.

Goonjar’s buzzer beater

Goonjar is back for another play and this one is even more impressive. With less than ten seconds on the clock and with two enemies to kill the round looks over, especially when you consider that Goonjar doesn’t know the exact position of both players. With five seconds left both are still alive but that doesn’t stop Goonjar, and somehow he picks up two kills and ends the round milliseconds before time runs out.

TK can’t believe their luck

Unfortunately for Complexity this can be attributed to more of a misplay from them than an amazing play from Team Kaliber, but it is still worth showing. With a tied game of Uplink and possession of the drone all that needs to be done is a quick reset to send it to overtime, but the reset fails and TK have a few seconds to get the win. A fantastic bit of movement and a perfectly lined up shot later and TK are celebrating victory while Complexity are left red faced.

The Splyce highlight reel – Bance makes it count

We quite easily could have filled this entire article with plays from Splyce, hell we probably could have done it with just plays from Splyce on the final day. While EnVyUs played the calm and collected style with consistent play, Splyce went a bit more balls to the wall, relying on stars like Bance to come up big and boy did he do that on multiple occasions.

Here he finds himself alone in grandmas on the Hardpoint. Rise Nation are collapsing in on him but that’s no issue for Bance, as he kills them all and racks up a six kill streak, securing vital extra time. This proved to be incredibly important as the match ended 250-248 in Splyce’s favour, so that single play ended up winning the match.

The Splyce highlight reel – The perfect slamdunk

In the tense lower bracket final against Elevate Splyce were looking comfortable on Uplink. Ending the first half they had what looked like an unassailable lead but things took a turn for the worse as they gave up a ton of unanswered points, making it a single possession game. A loss here would have killed the momentum Splyce had built up, and things were dangerously close, that is until Rated got his active camo.

A quick run up the middle while invisible gave him a good position but an opponent in the way made him go for one, the shot was intercepted, spelling disaster but quick thinking and reactions saw Rated pick up the kill, and even manage to get the two point dunk, restoring a two possession lead and ultimately killing off the game.

The Splyce highlight reel – Double glitch

Bance again comes up big in a vital round to secure a map for Splyce. In the same match against Elevate, Splyce were one round away from winning the S&D match but things quickly turn from good to bad, with Bance ending up in a one vs two. A hop through the waterfall secures him the first kill, but as that happens the other player uses glitch to reset his position. Bance, who also has glitch, does the exact same thing, giving him the advantage in position and securing the second kill and the map.

The Splyce highlight reel –

You may have noticed that Bance had a pretty good tournament running up to the final and that gave him a ton of confidence. So much so that when he walked out on stage for the final he did this, which surely must be considered the best play of the weekend.

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