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GINX Profile: Ash

A warm welcome to Ash, the new host of the new-look GGM! She’ll be previewing the big gaming news to look forward to each and every month on Good Games Monthly. Her first show as premieres at 9PM GMT, so make sure you don’t miss it! In the meantime, you can get to know Ash a little better with this interview!

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Hello! There’s only one place to start: which video game character best represents you?

I would like to think I am similar to Lara Croft personality wise, she is a strong and capable lady with a love of wit and sarcasm and I can definitely see a lot of her in myself. She is also fiercely loyal and will go to great lengths for people who she cares about so I would like to say her!

What was your first exposure to gaming?

My father has always been in IT so I remember growing up using old motherboards as dolls houses and taking apart old roller ball mice to play with, so I’ve been around PC’s for as long as I can remember! I must have started gaming when I was about 5 or 6 years old first playing CD-ROM games and progressing to online gaming back in the dark ages when you had to unplug the telephone line in order to connect the PC to the internet!

What moment made you “get” esports?

Traditionally the games I have enjoyed are large open world RPG’s so my exposure to esports was minimal until I got involved with GWENT: The Witcher Card Game which I was introduced to via The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. But to me esports as a concept has always been very intuitive – if people spectate other sports why not esports!

What is your esports specialist subject?

As a full time streamer my primary game is GWENT, a CCG produced by CD Projekt Red, creators of The Witcher 3 but I am also extremely interested in other CCGs – in particular Magic The Gathering Arena and Valve’s Artifact which we can expect to hear more about later this year!

If you were walking onto the stage as a player, what would your theme tune be?

Integrity by JME, as a Londoner I’m a huge grime fan!

Who’s your favourite caster? And why?

I am a big fan of McBearded – a GWENT caster. He has a wonderful style of communication which is really clear and natural. He is able to inform you in a very concise and professional way which is what you need from a caster!

If you could ask Faker one question, what would it be?

Does he have any mental practices e.g. meditation etc that help him to get ‘in the zone’ because that level of training must require tonnes of mental endurance!

Frank Soldato, “star” of The Bridge, claims he is the best at every game. If you could choose, which game would you take him on in?

I’ve gotta say GWENT right!

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