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Top 10 Super Mario power-ups

Super Mario, the Italian plumber the entire world knows and loves. He has saved countless lives in his quest to conquer Bowser once and for all.

But he couldn’t do it all without the power-ups available to him.

Here, Adam Savage presents the top ten Mario power-ups. Don’t worry if you can’t watch, as it’s all handily listed below for you.

10. Frog Suit

Mario Frog Suit

The Frog Suit which made its debut in Super Mario Bros 3 released back in 1988 on the NES. The Suit could be picked up by either Mario or Luigi and equipped them with a cute but slightly silly frog costume. The perks of the suit were that the brothers could jump higher, swim faster and resist the water currents better.

9. Hammer

Mario hammer

The hammer was the very first weapon Mario ever used back in Donkey Kong when he was simply known as Jumpman.

He could use it to smash barrels and enemies, and they’ve featured in the Mario universe ever since, most notably as a powerful item in the Super Smash Bros series. There’s something incredibly satisfying about bopping enemies on the noggin with a giant oversized hammer.

8. Fire Flower

Mario flower

Part of the Mario franchise for over 30 years, the Fire Flower power-up is a golden oldie. Granting your character the ability to fire two bouncing fireballs, with which you can whiz through levels and take out enemies you can’t even see yet, or light torches to show you the way.  

The Fire Flower looked especially awesome in Super Mario Galaxy, and there is just something very wrong about any Mario game without this classic power-up.

7. Cloud Flower

Mario Cloud Flower

The Cloud Flower, which is an adorable fluffy cloud with eyes, was introduced in Super Mario Galaxy 2 and gives Mario white overalls, a cute little cloud hat and more importantly ability to create clouds as temporary platforms by spinning.

Plus the clouds you create even have smiley faces on them. Aww.

6. Mega Mushroom

Mario mega mushroom

Granting you the power to quadruple in size and literally break everything from blocks to warp pipes. It’s absurd and overpowered but loads of fun.  

The Mega Mushroom first appeared in Mario Party 4 but has since appeared in all kinds of Mario games from Mario Tennis to Mario Kart Wii.

5. Double Cherry

Mario double cherry

The Double Cherry grants you your very own clone and the brilliant thing about it is, that it wasn’t even supposed to be a power-up. The Double Cherry was the result of a designer accidentally creating two player-controlled Marios, but Nintendo in their infinite wisdom decided to keep it in!

You can have up to five clones and power-ups, such as the Fire Flower, affect all of them. The Double Cherry made its debut in Super Mario 3D World on the Wii U, and we’re very glad it did.

4. Goomba Shoe

Mario goomba shoe

The Goomba Shoe is one of the rarest of all the power-ups in the Mario franchise. So rare that in their first appearance in Super Mario Bros 3, they only featured in one level.  The Goomba Shoe lets you literally stamp out your enemies, including the spiky kind and those frustratingly annoying piranha plants.

Die-hard Mario fans will remember this one.

3. Ice Flower

Mario ice flower

The ice Flower first appeared in Mario & Luigi Partners in Time as an alternative to the fire Flower, letting you throw ice balls to freeze enemies, who you could then throw. But Nintendo made the power-up even cooler in Super Mario Galaxy for the Nintendo Wii, where you can create ice platforms and skate.

2. Tanooki Suit

Mario tanooki suit

One of the more bizarre power-ups is the Tanooki Suit, named after the Japanese racoon dog. The Tanooki Suit lets you turn into a statue to avoid enemies and hazards. Now that’s sick.

The Suit also grants you the ability to glide for a short time, meaning you can transform mid-air and crush any who lurk below. Creative and a bit bonkers, we love it.

1. Super Bell

Mario super bell

If we’re talking bonkers, the Tanooki Suit has got nothing on the Super Bell from Super Mario 3D World for the Wii U.

If you think dressing like a racoon or bouncing around inside a giant shoe is a bit silly, the Super Bell transforms your character into a cat.  Yep, Cat Mario, Cat Luigi and Cat Peach will roam around on all fours and can then pounce in mid-air, climb up walls and scratch enemies with their claws, plus look ridiculously cute doing so.

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