About Ginx

GINX Esports TV is the first and largest esports TV network. Available in 55+ million homes, across more than 50 territories in 10 languages, GINX Esports TV aims to extend the reach of esports into mainstream sports audiences.

With its head-quarters in London, UK, GINX Esports TV operates as a central hub, collaborating with partners and affiliates across the world to provide esports fans the best possible experience.


We’re always looking for interesting people to work with. If that sounds like your cup of tea, or if you reckon you can beat us at your favourite game and demonstrate your talents, drop us a line explaining why you would like to work with us along with a copy of your CV or video reel, addressed to: info@ginx.tv


“Gaming is what every traditional sport is desperate to become: young, global, digital and increasingly diverse” ESPN, 2015

GINX Esports TV produces its content in-house, allowing complete control over branding and sponsorship. For more information about our channel and advertising opportunities, visit our sales page.

How to watch

Get your daily dose of esports with GINX Esports TV wherever you are!

Share the thrill of the best tournaments live on your TV, watch our experts analyse the latest games on your laptop or enjoy some of our in-house TV-series on the go. GINX Esports TV is available across all platforms in over 55 million homes. Find the solution that suits you best here.


Do you have a question about GINX Esports TV or our services? Someone probably asked it already. And if so, the answer will be available in our FAQ!

Feedback & Support

GINX Esports TV strives to bring esports fans the best possible experience across the globe, 24/7. Through innovative programmes, tournaments and other high-end services. At GINX Esports TV, we welcome your feedback so please, feel free to send us your question or comments: info@ginx.tv

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