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Being a monster isn’t as easy as it looks. You might look a little fearsome with those googly eyes and sharp teeth, but it takes more than appearances to successfully put the heebie jeebies into sleeping children. With Monsters University we finally discovered where monsters earn their stripes, and in Disney Infinity you’ll venture back onto Campus to reunite with Mike and Sully.

Before becoming colleagues of world-renowned scream factory Monsters Incorporated, all budding monsters have plenty of learn about the fine art of scaring. Many achieve this within the historic walls of Monsters University, the iconic campus where some of the most legendary scarers of all time first learnt their craft. Established in the fitting year of 1313, Monsters University grew from its humble beginnings to become one of the leading institutions of all Monstropolis. Watched over by the ever intimidating Dean Abigail Hardscrabble, life on campus involves plenty of hard work and bookworm studying, but there’s also room for mischief.

Once enrolled in M.U., you’ll be ready to start exploring the hallowed grounds of the historic campus. With the iconic clock tower standing over the main square, the School of Scaring takes pride of place in the centre of campus. It’s here where young monsters spend their formative years learning the ins and outs of being living nightmares. Nearby you’ll also find the Schools of Science and Engineering, but it’s the School of Door Technology which provides the biggest allure for young monsters. When exploring campus grounds you’ll also encounter many familiar faces, and fellow students include salesman turned student Don Carlton, furry philosophy major Art and double headed honour students Terri and Terry.

Whilst Monsters University is home to some of the greatest monsters of Monstropolis, rival collage Fear Tech is also located nearby. With its devilish emblem and burly students, the inhabitants of Fear Tech take pleasure in creating trouble for the students of MU. With many of Fear Tech’s colleagues breaking into campus to cause trouble, you’ll need to fight back by venturing into their grounds in return. With its vigilant security guards and mean-spirited students, exploring Fear Tech is tricky. None the less, you’ll earn respect by redecorating with a few toilet rolls or by taking snorting mascot Archie the Scare Pig for a joyride.

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