Heroes Of The Storm

Heroes Of The Storm: Gul’dan Video Details The Warlock

The roster for Blizzard’s MOBA is about to expand, with Warcraft’s biggest villain about to enter the Nexus in Heroes Of The Storm.

Blizzard has released the latest Heroes Of The Storm spotlight video, detailing Gul’dan and some of the abilities he has available to him. As an iconic character from the franchise, Gul’dan definitely has to be represented very well.

Gul’dan’s abilities feature recognisable Warlock class abilities, such as Life Drain and Rain Of Destruction – one of his ultimates. His other is Horrify that, as with the ability in World Of Warcraft, sends nearby enemies scattering in fear.

He’s an interesting character that is designed to work alongside the familiar mechanics of Warlocks in the MMO, draining health away slowly rather than ripping out chunks of your enemies a la Mages.

His kit certainly looks like an interesting one that could make him a pretty strong duelist – thanks to Life Drain mostly – but he also features a Life Tap ability that allows him to use a portion of his health to recover his mana.

It’s about finding that balance, then, between activating high-cost abilities by using your own health to maintain that power and ensuring you’re not so soft that a single strike could wipe you out. It’s a nice element of risk that hasn’t really been implemented in the game before.

Heroes Of The Storm – Gul’dan Spotlight

Gul’dan will be implemented into Heroes Of The Storm soon alongside a new patch that – according to the PTR – will mess with a number of elements of the game.

Healing and mana globes will be altered, with health pots recovering more health over a slightly longer period, while mana pots will now recover percentage mana rather than a base figure.

As expected the usual round of buffs and nerfs are on display, with the likes of Jaina and Tyrael getting heavy tweaks to make them far more viable – and perhaps shifting the usual meta rotation around a little.

Kerrigan’s set of abilities have all seen a reworking, improving her a stats in a number of ways to help her fulfil a number of situations.

Zagara on the other hand has had a dramatic overhaul. Her talent tree has been completely changed, while many abilities have lost functionalities, gained others and altered the way she plays. Blizzard claims the focus was her three play styles – “Lane Bully, Summoner, and Scout” – and that was where they want her to stay with these changes.

All these changes are on the PTR now and while some numbers and figures may be tweaked before the patch, these core hero changes – including the addition of Gul’dan – will likely hit Heroes Of The Storm soon.

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