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Don’t miss Yogscast does Fortnite, exclusively on GINX TV

On Wednesday 25th July at 8pm BST, the Yogscast will be battling it out in GINX Esports TV exclusive “Yogscast does Fortnite”.

The show will feature three YouTubers from the Yogscast (and a friend) playing Fortnite and completing challenges set by you, the viewer. Just jump into the GINX TV Twitch chat with any weird or wacky ideas you have for challenges, and we’ll make the Yogscast do it.

Before the event, we want to introduce you to our four contestants of the night.

Martyn “Yogscast Martyn” Littlewood

Martyn is the “friendliest and happiest member of the Yogscast”, boasting over 1.2 million subscribers. As well as Fortnite, Martyn posts a lot of Pokemon, Minecraft and Ni No Kuni content – it’s never a dull day with Martyn.

Speaking of Yogscast does Fortnite, Martyn said: “An opportunity to play video games on television? 14 year old me wouldn’t have thought that’d ever be possible, let alone to be the one doing it. That’s why I’m getting involved, it’s going to be a fun and new experience!”

Paul “Sjin” Sykes

Sjin describes himself as “the builder, the adventurer, the technician, the spaceman, the gentleman, the lord of mischief,” and it’s not hard to see why.

Creating content on Minecraft, Astroneer, Stardew Valley and more, there is something for everyone with Sjin.

“Every team needs a weak link and I’m proud to play that role, if I can get a kill I’ll be super proud of my contribution,” said Sjin when asked how he expects it to go

Nothing like confidence, eh Sjin?

Matthew “Caff” Meredith

Caff is one of the newer additions to the Yogscast, having joined in April 2016. Since then, Caff has become known for playing a plethora of the latest games, with detailed Let’s Plays of any title that may take your fancy.

“It should be a really fun stream,” Caff said. “I’ve not played with Sjin or Solidarity before, but every time Martyn and I have played together we’ve gotten at least one win. I hope that we can continue that tradition!”

Jimmy “Solidarity” Brinson

Close Yogscast friend Solidarity has been creating Minecraft videos for five years now. Though Fortnite content is scarce across his channel, we’re hoping to see Solidarity pull some tricks out of the bag during Yogscast does Fortnite.

Speaking of appearing on Yogscast does Fortnite, Solidarity seemed pretty excited.

“MOM, I’M GONNA BE ON TV,” he said. “I’m really excited to be on a new platform and showcase what we do! I’m expecting at least one victory royale!? Surely we will get one!?”

As well as Yogscast does Fortnite, we will have a whole host of exclusive Fortnite content tomorrow. Here’s a rundown of what you can expect to see:
  • 03:00 pm: Top 10 special: Fortnite
  • 04:00 pm: 1O1 Fortnite: Episodes 1 to 3
  • 05:30 pm: The First Hour: Fortnite with Anthony Richardson and Adam Savage
  • 06:30 pm: 1O1 Fortnite: Episodes 4 to 6
  • 08:00pm: Yogscast does Fortnite

So take your pick, think of some challenges, and make sure you tune in to Yogscast does Fortnite at 8pm BST on Wednesday 25th July!

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