This Week In eSports: 18/07/2016

What’s hot in the world of eSports this week? The ELeague playoffs are the big event – which you can keep up with on Ginx eSports TV – with the very best teams in CS:GO fighting for their place at the top and that huge prize pot.

After that there are some interesting Dota 2 events going on. Dota 2’s Global Grand Masters continues to roll on, and that’s definitely one to watch out for. Meanwhile a new south-east Asian tournament – Mr. Cat Invitational – brings some more lower league teams into the spotlight, and is definitely one to watch for up and coming talent in the Dota 2 scene.

Of course there’s more to see in the League Of Leagues Korean LCK, the LCS and even the finals for the EU Challenger Series.

Then there’s Overwatch, with ESL’s Atlantic Showdown and its open qualifiers taking place – this week it’s Europe’s turn again – as well as a handful of key events for StarCraft 2, Smite’s Console League and even Heroes Of The Storm getting some love with both its Copa América and ESL’s NA Fall Regionals taking place this week.

So check out everything in eSports this week…

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