Watch The Premiere Of Godlike On Ginx eSports TV

If you consider yourself a fan of eSports – and since you’re reading this, that’s a safe assumption to make – then you’ll likely want to tune in to Ginx eSports TV tonight for the premiere of Godlike.

This short film – by Mickey Finnegan – is an intimate look at the world of eSports, the story of a gamer who finds solace in League Of Legends, becoming an exceptional talent and entering the world of eSports.

It’s a sweet story, and one that will likely hit home to anyone whose parents have at least once said ‘You play too many videogames’.

But more than anything it encapsulates the value and excitement of competitive gaming, as well as representing the negative stigma that – unfairly, of course – is even now attached to eSports.


Tonight Ginx eSports TV is premiering the short film, and you’ll be able to watch it at 8PM BST on Sky Channel 470 or Virgin Media Channel 290.

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