OpTic Gaming vs. Infinite Esports: The story so far

The biggest topic of discussion in esports in recent weeks has been the battle between OpTic Gaming and its stakeholders, with rumours swirling of potential buyouts and the implications this has on OpTic, if there even is an OpTic when all is said and done.

Here, I’ve compiled everything that has happened so far, in one easy-to-read article. If you want a quick update, you’re in the right place.

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20/01/2019: Reports of Texas Esports looking to sell majority stake in OpTic and Houston Outlaws. The rumoured figure they were expecting to receive was $150m, with the permanent spots in the LCS and Overwatch League the key factors of sale.

03/05/2019: Immortals enter bidding for OpTic Gaming, as reported by ESPN.

14/05/2019: Immortals are close to purchasing Infinite Esports & Entertainment, but are not guaranteed to win with OpTic CEO Hector “Hecz” Rodriguez and founder of Infinite Esports Chris Chaney bidding for control of the organisation as well. It is suggested that the board are holding a grudge against Hecz and Chaney, thus minimising their chances of winning the battle.

30/05/2019: A deal was supposed to be struck by 31/05 but, with no deal yet made, the ordeal is set to carry into June.

Thus far, this is all we have. Though there have been mutterings elsewhere, these are the key points from reputable and trustworthy sources. Expect updates soon and as they happen.

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