In today’s 60 Second Drop, we take a look at Injustice 2, which is set to launch on 16 May. A cryptic trailer also suggested that new characters will be added with DLC, including the likes of Sub Zero, Red Hood, and Starfire. In the gaming charts, Sony have announced that their biggest seller on the PlayStation 4 in April was Persona 5. The game takes place in Tokyo, Japan, and features some fairly abstract graphics, outlandish situations, and crazy boss encounters.

Chinese esports giants LGD Gaming has reportedly dropped it’s entire Dota 2 roster, in the hopes that a shuffle will secure them a lineup capable of challenging current favourites OG. The International 7 doesn’t take place until August, so there is plenty of time for the organization to build their dream squad.

Finally, the world video game halls of fame will soon introduce a new member. Some of the nominated titles include the likes of Mario Brothers, Space Invaders, Zelda, Donkey Kong, and Halo.

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