Meet Samuro, Heroes Of The Storm’s Newest Character

The next hero to be added into Blizzard’s Heroes Of The Storm has been revealed, Warcraft’s Burning Blade warrior Samuro.

This character is a stealth-driven melee swordmaster with a heavy emphasis on tricky play through invisibility, teleportation and mirror images. In a pinch he’s capable of heavy damage, however, and can be utilised for two very different ways of playing.

If you favour more tricky, tactical gameplay then Samuro’s Heroic of choice is Illusion Master, which utilises his basic ability of Mirror Image – which creates two copies of Samuro – to allow him to individually control his illusions and, when activated, can teleport to one of his copies.

The distance on this has no limit, however, and each of the two copies can be controlled individually. This means Samuro can be everywhere and nowhere at the same time, allowing him to approach different lanes or objectives relatively risk-free,

Alternatively Samuro can choose the Heroic Bladestorm, a more directly aggressively ability that unleashes a flurry of attacks and deals damage in a short AOE vicinity. During the Heroics duration, Samuro is unstoppable and cannot be stunned.

This can be upgraded to allow his Mirror Images to also use Bladestorm when activated, dramatically increasing the damage of the ability and making Samuro a considerable threat.

All this – combined with an ability to turn invisible for a brief time – makes for a very shifty character to play. For a more exact rundown of his abilities, here is what Blizzard has to say on the new character and his abilities.


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